Lammers unhappy with CIK’s new bumpers

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A frustrated Bas Lammer spoke out about the new front bumpers that are designed to reduce the amount of contact by dropping if struck, meaning a driver has to enter the pits to get it reset. Posting on his Facebook page, Lammers said: “The new drop down bumper system: is it the final solution to the problem of contact or just another difficult rule to apply that will turn people away from karting?

“We (drivers) are not able to do anything anymore. We are scared to overtake … we are scared to be close as possible … because we are scared to lose our front bumper because if the [rival] wants to win and is clever, he just has to brake a little bit more or miss his gears and we lose our front bumper, we get a penalty (30sec) for the mistake of the other driver. We are scared to run kerbs because we can lose the front spoiler with that, if that happens we get a penalty for it (30sec).

“Karting is not a contactsport, we all do know that but i’m sure that most of you agreed with me that with this kind of rules people will turn away of karting!”

Here at Karting mag, we don’t think he’ll be the last driver to speak out about the new bumpers..