Lee vows to win Junior TKM for his Dad


Dino Lee, 15, has vowed to win in the Junior TKM championship this year after his father was murdered by serial killer Joanne Dennehy “Me and my dad used to go karting together most weekends,” he said. “Dad bought me a kart as a present. He told me to fetch something from the car, and inside was a kart. I was very pleased.” On 29 March, the anniversary of his father’s death, Dino will take part in what he describes as “one of the most important races of the year”, the first round of the Super One championship. “I especially want to win it for my dad,” he said. “When I’m karting I can feel dad there. It’s a passion that we both shared together, so, although he’s gone now, karting for me is really special and it brings my dad back in many respects. “Shortly before my dad was taken, we just used to go upstairs every night and send emails out about sponsoring me. It’s very difficult in the current climate.”