Mark Kimber crowned X30 Euro Series Champion

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Mark Kimber made it a British domination across both the Junior and Senior X30 classes in the X30 Euro Series by sealing the Senior title at Castelletto (ITA) yesterday. Despite scoring zero points when the championship headed to Mariembourg in Belgium for round two, Kimber was still able to beat Joey van Splunteren to the title by eleven points.

Bar the huge hiccup in Belgium Mark’s journey to the last round has been plain sailing. He took both the win in Pre-Final and Final at Salbris (FRA) and almost repeated those efforts at Wackersdorf (GER). However, in Germany it would be a 2nd in the Pre-Final that would cost him all 89 points but nevertheless with the second round dropped Mark was in cruise control.

But even with all of this Mark still had a job to do in Italy. The Strawberry Racing driver could not afford a single slip up as any damage caused would be points he’d have to count in his championship. The extended grid didn’t help and new faces in Lorenzo Travisanutto would make a podium finish even more tough.

Any signs of nerves were quickly put to bed from Kimber who performed tremendously in the heats to qualify on the front row of the grid for the Pre-Final alongside Clayton Ravenscroft. In the Pre-Final Kimber got into a quintet of drivers who had broken away and with the championship in mind was happy to sit at the back of it and cruise round to finish 5th place.

The championship was certainly not over by the time the final had rolled around there was still two drivers who could take the title from Kimber in Keirle and Ravenscroft and to make things worse, there was rain in the air! Despite falling back to 6th at the start Kimber was still on to win the title, but despite this he quickly moved up to 4th place just as the rain started to hit the track.

As the heavens opened Kimber had closed in to the top three and just as he looked to be moving forward he had a scare as he ran wide, but before anymore changes could be made the full course yellows were out. The conditions at this point were becoming extremely difficult to deal with even under full course yellows! For the neutrals to get the race back going would be an ideal end to the season with a variety of different endings being possible.

However, for the safety of the drivers the chequered flag would be waved meaning Kimber would hold on to become champion. It’s perhaps not how he imagined his championships winning moment, but I’m sure receiving his impressive championship trophy would have made up for that! It’s been a fantastic season for Kimber and after his performances in Salbris and Wackersdorf there was certainly no one else who deserved the title more than he did!

Ravenscroft, Keirle and Turney round out top five in final standings

As mentioned earlier in this article this years X30 Euro Series has been completely dominated by the Brits! Four of the top five in the standings were British drivers which speaks volumes for the amount of talent being produced in the UK at the moment.

Clayton Ravenscroft rounded out the championship podium after taking a podium at round two. Considering he still races in Junior’s back the UK this is a hugely impressive achievement and it was only rain in the final that cost him that 2nd place to Van Splunteren. Other than that Ravenscroft has been in and around the top five all season and with the form he is currently showing back in the UK could become almost unbeatable next season in the Senior class.

Danny Keirle was a title contender going into the final race of the season but was another driver who’s luck ran out on more than one occasion. The reigning FIA World Champion has been apart of the Kart Republic setup this season and racing with the HTP Racing Team in the X30 Euro Series has been a brilliant advert for the product. A 2nd and 6th place were followed by two unfortunate results costing him his space on the podium.

Joe Turney is another driver who is always blisteringly quick but this was just not going to be his year. Terrible luck throughout the season left him constantly chasing his tail and he did a fantastic job to finish as high up as he did in the championship. It was largely down to his 2nd in the final at Castelletto and with a few more laps that certainly could have been a victory.

Final Championship Standings:

1st Mark Kimber (GBR)
2nd Joey Van Splunteren (NLD
3rd Clayton Ravenscroft (GBR)
4th Danny Keirle (GBR)
5th Joe Turney (GBR)
6th Jordan Brown-Nutley (GBR)
9th Morgan Porter (GBR)
10th Sean Butcher (GBR)
16th Owen Byatt (GBR)
19th Harry Platten (GBR)
22nd Thomas Fleming (GBR)
24th Angus Moulsdale (GBR)