Medicals could get scrapped

Motor Sports Association Kart Commiee chairman Nigel Edwards
is hopeful that the proposal for the requirement of medicals for short circuit racing to be scrapped will encourage more people to enter the sport.

Edwards and the MSA’s Medical Advisory Panel have been pushing for the removal of the requirement for over a year. Drivers would only need to produce a medical self-declaration instead. Following a recent meeting between Edwards and the Medical Advisory Panel, a proposal has been sent to MSA Council for approval at its June meeting.

“The requirements to gain a short circuit licence are too complicated,” Edwards said. “When racers have
to go through an ARKS test as well
as applying for the licence, why do they need a medical too? If we can get it scrapped, that’s one of the big hurdles away. People would only then have to pay the £38 for the licence.

I didn’t think I’d get this far with this proposal, this quickly.

“We need to get more customers into karting and it’s nice to know that all parties are working together on this one for a common good. Maybe the removal or amendment of the ARKS test is the next thing to look at.”