Mixed fortunes for Team GB at Sarno

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Well what a dramatic day it has been at Sarno. Today the drivers competed in their Pre Finals and for the Junior, Senior, DD2 and DD2 Master classes if you didn’t finish in the top 17 your weekend was over. It’s a harsh, harsh format and that was proved today with some shock exits!

The big story of the day was the weather. Heavy rain started to fall at the end of the Mini Max race and when it stopped shortly after the Juniors were left with a HUGE decision to make. After that the decision was simple with torrential rain coming down which saw the whole paddock flooded!

Let’s stick with tradition and talk you through how Team GB got on.


Mini Max – Edgar taken out of the lead

Jonny Edgar ran right at the front in his Pre Final. It was no surprise as this is the Jonny Edgar we all know and love a driver who gets stuck in and fights right until the last corner. He hit the front with just a couple of laps remaining and heading down to turn two the driver in 2nd came up the inside and as the chasing pack tried to follow through the driver in 5th made quite an ambitious attempt to pass Jonny which took the pair out. I may be slightly biased placing the blame firmly at his door, but it doesn’t really make any difference as Jonny now has to start the final from 21st.

Junior Max – Six Brits in the Top 20!

There may have been some misfortune for Team GB in other classes, but in the Juniors everything seems to be coming together just at the right time. In the first Pre Final Olli Caldwell had to deal with being on slicks in torrential rain and after being fired out of the lead, did well to finish 7th.

In Pre Final B Johnathan Hoggard took the win. Mark Kimber came through from 20th to 3rd to finally turn his weekend around and all of a sudden a podium is very much on the cards! Axel Charpentier and Joe Turney moved forward to finish 5th and 6th respectively and William Pettitt finished 10th. In terms of the Nations Cup we’ll be scoring big points in this class, let’s hope they all continue to progress tomorrow!

Grid for tomorrow:

2nd Johnathan Hoggard
6th Mark Kimber
10th Axel Charpentier
12th Joe Turney
13th Olli Caldwell
20th William Pettitt


Senior Max – McCarthy storms through to 4th

One driver who certainly enjoyed the conditions was Jack McCarthy. He was absolutely flying and must have been the quickest on track as he charged through to 4th place to give himself a decent chance tomorrow. Josh White had finished 18th, but some penalties for drivers ahead promoted him to 16th and means he’ll start on the penultimate row for tomorrow’s final. Josh Skelton did finish 14th but a penalty dropped him to 17th meaning he will start last for tomorrow’s final, but at least he has made it!

Grid for tomorrow:

7th Jack McCarthy
31st Josh White
34th Josh Skelton

Jack McCarthy
Jack McCarthy

DD2 – Fantastic recovery from Pullinger

In the opening stages of the race Barrie Pullinger was on the brink of being eliminated from the competition, but a great drive saw him come through to 10th and all of a sudden he found himself comfortably in the Final. Starting 19th won’t be easy, but he’s in there and that’s all that matters.

Barrie Pullinger
Barrie Pullinger

DD2 Masters – Chris Thomas out of the World Finals

He has been so impressive all week, but unfortunately Chris Thomas did not make tomorrow’s final. The weather along with some incidents did not help his case at all and Chris deserved no less than 17th in today’s Pre Final, but that’s racing and he has fallen a victim to this incredibly harsh system. Chris should be very proud of his efforts this week. He’s been on par with World Champions and people who have raced DD2 for years. He’s done himself and FEKC proud! Let’s send another Masters driver next year please.

Race Director, Nigel Edwards
Race Director, Nigel Edwards

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Written by Chris McCarthy