MSA launches Race ‘n Respect



The Race ‘n’ Respect campaign kicked off during the inaugural MSA Bambino Kart Championship round at Llandow last month.

The initiative – backed by racing legend Allan McNish – is underpinned by a new Karting Code that everyone involved in this year’s championship must uphold. All those who sign up receive stickers, badges and wristbands towearanddisplaywithpride.

Cheryl Lynch, MSA Race, Speed & Kart Executive, and Jess Fack, MSA Development Manager, were on hand at Llandow. Lynch said: “It was a delight to see the enthusiasm for Race ‘n’ Respect at the first ever MSA Bambino Kart Championship meeting. We need the right attitudes to be instilled from the first rung of the racing ladder.”

Karting Code:
Respect – forall participants: competitors; organisers; officials; volunteers and parents. Please treat people how you expect to be treated.
Fair Play – respect the rules, the regulations and the spirit of the sport.
Self-Control – be in control of your emotions and actions at all times.
Good Manners – be polite to others. Be humble in success and gracious in defeat. Sincerity – be honest in your thoughts and actions and treat everyone fairly.