MSA Plans Club Meeting Shakeup

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stock-msaBosses of the Little Green Man series have criticised the Motor Sports Association for proposing regulations which would alter the structure of kart championships held within standard club meetings.

The successful IAME Cadet-based series, which ran 56 drivers at its last meeting at Kimbolton in July, races on the same bill as club meetings. Many drivers use the series as experience to prepare for an upcoming national Super One round at the circuit. Other club-based invitational championships which would be affected include the Northern Karting Federation and the Formula TKM InterClub Championship.

The proposed regulation, states: “Championship drivers will fully integrate with the Club meeting and will compete alongside the club racer. No separate races are to be run for classes already run by the host club.”

A host club would therefore have to invite a championship such as Little Green Man to compete on the same grid as its own IAME Cadet class.

Having consulted with the MSA, Little Green Man chief Mike Mills said: “Nobody taking part in the sport understands what the point of this regulation is. The LGM has been run without a problem for 13 years and has been successful due to its format. People want these type of championships, and the success of LGM is proof of that. If the MSA puts obstacles in front of people, they’re going to move to non-MSA racing which isn’t what anyone wants.”

Mills added that the MSA had wanted to implement the change this year: “We have been able to win that case and continue for 2014 and have formally objected to the change for 2015.”

An MSA statement read: “The proposed regulation – [which was] open to consultation until June 13 – is intended to clarify how UK kart championships may run within standard club meetings, in accordance with the simplified structure for UK karting announced in March 2013 and implemented from January 1, 2014.”