MSA proposes to tighten up onboard camera regulations

The MSA is aiming to bring together existing regulations for onboard cameras and to set parameters for the use of cameras (particularly where these are required by event or championship organisers) and their use in judicial proceedings. Included in the proposed regulations is a specification of what should be visible in the footage:

“Where forward facing cameras are fitted for judicial purposes, they should be mounted so as to capture an image that provides a ‘driver’s eye’ view that should include, where possible, the steering wheel, ‘dashboard’ and a view of the circuit ahead with a field of vision of approximately 100 degrees. In open wheel cars and karts both front wheels should be in view where possible. The fitting of rear-facing cameras may also be required for judicial purposes.”

In order to cut down on incidents where sabotage of the footage is suspected, the MSA proposes that:

“Where a camera is mandated, in the event that no images are available upon request (other than due to a proven defect with the equipment) sanctions may be applied in accordance with MSA Regulation C2.1.1. The burden of proof to establish the cause of such failure shall lie with the competitor.”

There are also regulations proposed to cover events where cameras are allowed but not compulsory.

To have your say on the new regulations, read the whole proposal at and send your feedback to before 3rd August.