MSA revoked TVKC’s racing permit last month

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Stock-TVKCLast month’s second round of the Trent Valley Kart Club championship was under threat after the Motor Sports Associaton revoked the club’s racing permit.

The club expanded the PF International circuit’s first corner in March in an effort to improve safety, and to prevent drivers from riding kerbs and driving across the grass to skip the corner. But the MSA revoked the permit on the Wednesday before the weekend. The meeting set a new record for entries at the club, with 279 drivers competing.

“We do have to hold some form of responsibility in this,” club chairman Nigel Edwards said. “We modified the corner in good faith, but without the MSA’s consent. We felt that the time had come to do something different in the best interests of both the racing and for safety. We wanted it easier for drivers to get through the first corner from the start. Now drivers can’t take liberties by running on kerbs and the grass. In the end, because it is a circuit used by the CIK-FIA, we received their approval to the amendment on Thursday evening, but it was a stressful 36 hours.”