New Birel ART package capable of winning CIK-FIA European KZ Championship

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Jennox Lamb chassis preparationJordon Lennox-Lamb says the new Birel ART package can fight for victories in this year’s CIK-FIA European KZ Championship.

The 23-year-old Brit, who switched from the works CRG squad to the new Birel ART tie-up over the Winter, began the season in style by winning the Rotax DD2 class title of the Florida Winter Tour in the United States, last month.

Lennox-Lamb believes the team can now push on to score European wins after switching its focus from its American commitments.

“The brand is proven in Rotax, it’s very competitive in all classes, not just in DD2,” he said. “In KZ, it’s more about the fine tuning. There has been more attention focused on the USA recently. Now that is all complete, we need to make sure that the focus moves on to the European racing.”

Despite scoring numerous titles, including the 2012 KZ2 World Cup, Lennox-Lamb has yet to win a European crown in any KZ class.

“The European KZ season is spread out throughout the season, so we will need a month or two before we can say if we can go for the title,” he said. “The first target is a podium this weekend, and then we’ll be in a good position to push on from there.”

Lennox-Lamb says the professionalism of the Birel ART team has helped him make the quick transition and to take early wins.

“The diameter of the tubing of CRG chassis is 20mm, whereas at Birel ART it’s 30mm,” he said. “That help the kart to be very user-friendly out of the box. It’s much like a Tony Kart in KF in that way. As a professional driver, that enables me to focus on refining the finer details of the kart.

“Birel ART has a more professional attitude, it’s more like a formula outfit, focusing on each driver as a team and on data. Whereas at CRG, it was more traditional, and performance was more left to the driver and mechanic.”

Lennox-Lamb has targeted defending world KZ champion Marco Ardigo as a benchmark this season.

“I’ve always looked up to Marco since my childhood,” Lennox-Lamb said. “Now that I’m racing against him, I like to hunt him down.”