New CIK 2016 Engine Details Released

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The new spec 2016 CIK kart engines will be officially unveiled at the second round of the 2015 CIK-FIA European Championships at PF International this year. This follows on from a close partnership with the CIK and major manufacturers.

The main objective with the new breed of engines was to provide simplicity, lightness and performance whilst achieving a more affordable class so that there will be higher levels of competition at national level. This is due to the failure of the KF concept in the UK due to cost.

Has the decline of KF in the UK affected International entries?
Has the decline of KF in the UK affected International entries?

The new OK engines continue on from KF while removing unessential parts like the clutch, electric starter, electric wiring and the battery. All of this should lighten the karts significantly and lead to more reliable engines with much less to go wrong. Because the OK karts are direct drive and require bump starting they will have a decompression valve for easy starting.

The OK’s engine capacity remains 125cc and there is an internal balancing system. It was also decided to use the same type of butterfly carburettor as before, with a diameter of 24mm for OK and 20mm for OK-Junior. The maximum revs are limited at 16000 RPM and 14000 RPM, the exhausts and power valves for the engines are specific and must be homologated with the engine.
The weight limit for the new category has been reduced to a minimum 145kg for the OK and 140kg for the junior. This is down from 158kg of KF2 meaning the karts should be significantly more responsive.

The OK engines will be presented at PF International on 20th and 21st June 2015 with demonstrations on track and the possibility of trials by a few members of the press.