New Circuit Layout Key to Rissington Super One Return

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stock-superoneThe inclusion of the inner loop section of the Little Rissington circuit was one of the key reasons why the circuit returned to the Super One calendar for the first time in 11 years last month, according to its club chairman.

The Gloucestershire track, which is restricted to just seven club meetings per year, was reinstated to the national racing calendar this season by Super One chief John Hoyle. It last hosted a Super One round in 2003.

Rissington Kart Club chairman Mick Chalmers said hosting a Northern Kart Federation meeting at the circuit two years ago made track bosses aware of the potential for closer racing, particularly for gearbox karts.

ìThe NKF wanted more of a challenge and so instead of just using the outer track section which is reasonably flowing, we included the direct drive inner loop section. We received good feedback that instead of dropping down one gear, gearbox drivers were having to drop two gears. It made the racing more exciting. I believe that has been one of the key reasons why Super One is returning.

Chalmers said club members have been extremely supportive of the initial submission to Super One and wants to get the circuit back on the map of Britainís top circuits if the track is going to have a long-term future.

“We held a survey of club members at the start of this year as to whether we should try for a Super One round, as it would have meant losing a club round,” Chalmers said. “But members were 90 per cent in favour. Because of the circuitís running restrictions we previously didnít feel it was fair to the members.

“Rissington has been a lost circuit over the past few years. Ten years ago it was running C Finals and full gearbox grids. The established Super One circuits get more advertising nowadays and are recognised as being more mainstream. With the MSA KZ Championship as the British Senior crown, grid numbers are increasing, and so Super One needs more circuits which can cater for those karts and we hope Rissington is here to stay on the national calendar.”