New Jules Bianchi Chassis

This weekend at the 21st South Garda Winter Cup Armando Filini’s Croc Promotions will be presenting it’s new kart tributed to the late French champion, Jules Bianchi.

“It was always a dream of Jules’ to have a chassis product line in his own name” stated Armando Filini who Jules raced for when he was in Karts along with Ben Hanley.

Jules Bianchi in karts
Jules Bianchi in karts

This was the starting point for his father Philippe Bianchi’s initiative to realise a kart with the colours of his driver son’s logo.

The chassis is currently using the approvals of Mad-Croc and will be on the track for the first time this weekend at the Winter Cup, which takes place at the South Garda Karting race in Lonato.

The following are the drivers wearing the JB colours for this event:

Antonino Guerrera (Mini Rok)

Genis Civico (OK-Junior),

Ben Hanley (OK)

Ivan Chubarov (KZ2).

Ben Hanley

Rumour has it that there could be a team put together to run drivers on the chassis that may not otherwise have the chance due to funding.

We’ll also have plenty more updates coming up on the chassis itself soon so make sure you stay tuned!


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