PF International Celebrates 20 Years

The Paul Fletcher International circuit celebrated its 20th anniversary during December.

The Lincolnshire track held its first club meeting at the start of December 1994, in which Junior TKM was one of the key classes. The circuit now hosts national meetings and is the only track in Britain with an international licence. World governing body, the CIK-FIA, recently confirmed it will host the second round of next year’s European KF and KF Junior Championship on June 21.

“I built the circuit not for international meetings, but for the good of British karting,” owner Paul Fletcher said. “Getting an international round is good for the ego but I wanted to help the karting scene in this country. I spent three years before buying the land from the local farmer, assessing and putting in planning permission for up to five different areas of land including one near Donington Park.”

Fletcher said the building of the Litchfield Bridge, which enabled the circuit to gain its International A licence, was one of the big moments of its history.

“Drivers usually wear the outside of their tyres down on most circuits, but with the addition of the bridge, both sides of the tyre are worn at PFi due to the incline. There’s not much else to do with the circuit. I’d like to put more lights around it than there currently are, so we can run past 1800hrs. The circuit has set the standard and other tracks around the country have followed. High kerbs were initially built as drivers cut them. They were fantastic, but became dangerous as it could catapult drivers into the air.”

Fletcher said the new IAME X30 engine is one of the best powerplants he has run on the track in its history: “It sounds like a fantastic class: it’s reliable and sensible and tyres last a long time.”