Possible hub regulation change on the way?


The MSA have proposed a regulation change for next year involving the front and rear hubs. This could affect certain set ups using short axles and or short hubs. The existing role goes as follows…

 (U)16.8.4. Hubs with a single retaining bolt feature must not protrude beyond the end of the axle, unless designed for that purpose, and must incorporate a retaining device. 

This is proposed to be replaced by

Rear hubs must cover the axle by a minimum of 40mm, and front hubs must cover the stub axle by a minimum of 30mm.

The reason for this rule change is ” To address confusing and potentially contradictory regulations that in reality are too complex and difficult to enforce.”  If approved, this rule would be enforced in January next year so keep updated so you aren’t caught out running illegal hubs should this regulation come into place.

See the Official Regulation here: https://www.msauk.org/assets/kartjune2015.pdf