REXON Reveal new KF engine

Ballerina-Kart-rechts-nah_fb  11209538_357290017800424_3688319174047053594_n REXON Motors is a sub division of the well established HHC and is one of the first to announce its new engine for the next generation of KF engines.

HHC last developed a KF engine back in 2011 but these plans were brought to an abrupt halt when the sport demanded a reform. Such changes called for new, simpler engines just like the “good old days” The idea being engines being more straight forward and cheaper but still as fun as an old ICA. Upon hearing this news REXON decided to focus solely on developing the new engine over the next three years and as the new regulations were made clearer the engine package started to take shape and the outcome of all this is the Rexon Ballerina 2016

The Ballerina is a 125cc direct drive (that’s right, direct drive for all you purists out there) engine with a decompression valve which releases some of the compression from the motor during the starting procedure, making the engine easier to turn over. REXON’s project manager, Karl Janda said “It would be good to know what people think about it, because we think it’s the way to go. It is straight forward, cheaper and more simple. Our test drivers love it because it runs almost as the old ICA, but with fewer vibrations.”

Rexon also announced the Milan based Meteor pistons as a technical supplier.