SuperOne bosses say ‘no’ to new fairings

Next year’s Super One series will not use the newly introduced front bumper fairing mechanism which has been trialled during this year’s CIK-FIA Academy Trophy. The bumpers, which are scheduled to be introduced into international competition on January 1 next year, were tested at the final two rounds of the Academy Trophy. If severe contact is made with a driver in front, the mounting drops from its initial position, harming performance.

The driver must then pit to have it repositioned. CIK chiefs discovered its first example of cheating at the recent final round at Sarno where the fairing had been glued to prevent movement. “I would prefer to see how the fairing goes on in international competition first, I don’t want Super One to be a guinea pig,” Super One boss John Hoyle said. “I don’t want the fairing to be damaging someone’s championship chances when the mechanism is at such an early development stage in competition.”