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Former Formula One champion John Surtees has praised the competitiveness of the drivers who took part in October’s Henry 1Surtees Challenge at Buckmore Park despite poor weather conditions. Torrential rain hampered practice and qualifying sessions at the event, before conditions improved for the afternoon’s finals. In previous years, some drivers have been penalised and excluded from the event for poor driving standards, but no incidents were recorded in this year’s A Final. “British motorsport is in safe hands with the amount of talent we saw this year,” Surtees said. “It was a joy to watch and the way the drivers coped with the tough conditions was excellent. You only have to look at the timesheets to see how competitive the A Final was, with fastest lap being set by 15th place. It was some of the best racing I’ve seen. Some of the top single-seater drivers came back and raced in the karts so well. Despite the Racing Steps Foundation drivers not opting to take prizes, they were still very competitive.”