The 90’s are back!

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Dust off your pink and purple racing suit; Formula 100 ñ Spirit of the 90’s (F100 90s) is rapidly gaining popularity, and attracting a real mix of drivers, from British Champions, to novice drivers. Some big names are already taking part, keen to relive this special time in karting, with more big names currently completing kart restorations in order to compete next year.

But it also seems to have grabbed the attention of the less experienced as well, keen to see what all the hype is about. It helps that kit is inexpensive in comparison to many other formulas. The kit can be picked up on the auction sites, with complete packages including two motors, wheels, tyres and kart for less than £1000, it’s a cost effective way to go karting, with full sized grids after only it’s fourth round.

The series exclusively runs pre-year 2000 karts using 100cc direct drive, air cooled, reed or rotary valve engines and is aimed at competitors who wish to race this era of kart. All equipment is presented for racing in the same form as it would have originally been used in the 1990’s.

The emphasis is on competitive, fair, safe, enjoyable, and affordable kart racing, and to re-live this special period in kart racings’ history. No clutch, no starter motor, no battery, no radiator, no pump, no rev limiter, no gears; pure, unadulterated karting at its very best.

Oliver Scullion, series organiser spoke to Karting and said: “The best thing about F100 90s for me is the emotion I see in people’s faces when they drive one. It’s really as simple as that. That’s why I wanted to start the class. I am a 90s karter, and nothing really gets to you like a DSD or VR98. I want other people to have the opportunity to experience what I’ve been so lucky to have experience. As it’s within a competitive environment it’s not just a demo. This is the real deal, this is proper racing, on proper karts! Some of the names that have entered the class, and looking to in the future are testament to the emotion is brings out in people. If you haven’t ever tried one, give it go!”

Next race meeting will be held at the spiritual home of 90’s karting – Clay Pigeon, on Saturday 27th September.

1994 Britsh Champ and local boy Jamie Patten will be the man to beat, and Karting Legend Terry Fullerton will be there to chose his ‘F100 driver of the day’ and a present the trophies.

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