The Bambino Kart Club goes non-MSA

Oliver Denny-Bambino The Bambino Kart Club Tour will run as an IKR series this season, a decision that will avoid conflict for the clubs with the MSA and give greater scope for cost-effective and exciting Bambino competition.

Series organiser Darren Beavers says “I’ve gone non-MSA meaning I can still run a cheap cost-effective drivers championship on the Saturday at club meetings (as not on permit) and also take the championship to non-MSA places such as Lydd and Hooton Park that actually let them race. Another benefit of being non-MSA means I can now take more entries as we’re not limited to the amount of karts you can put on a grid like you are in MSA.”

Registration has re-opened and further entries are being accepted into the 2015 BKC Tour, previously capped at a maximum of 30 drivers. The move away from MSA permitted events enables the Tour to accept a further 10 registrations into the series. The registration fee for the series is £350, this includes a set of new tyres that last all season with no other tyres required. Each meeting costs £50 for 1 day rounds or £85 for 2 day rounds.