The White Line issue

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Karting will face a ‘white line’ problem next year when new rules come into force mirroring those that have been operating this year for car racing in the UK. The new MSA rule will state that if a kart puts one wheel over a white line or kerb more than twice in a race then it can be excluded for leaving the track limits.

But the problem is that many circuits have white lines that are effectively crossed by every kart on every lap and other kerbs that are not clearly defined. That could create a pile of problems on what is and is not permissible. Based on the rule every kart in every race would have been excluded from last weekend at Whilton Mill underlining the need to refine the situation!

The system was first introduced two years ago to try to reduce damage to grass at car race circuits and was tightened this year. Now the MSA’s John Symes has been asked to help try to sort the situation before the rule comes into effect from January.