TVKC First to adopt new nosecones

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You might see fewer Nosecones looking like this from now on…

TVKC are the first club in the country to adopt the new front nosecone fairings or “droopy noses” as they’re known at the clubs winter series from December despite them only becoming mandatory in MSA racing from 01/03/16.

TVKC are convinced that the introduction of the new front fairing mountings will act as a real deterrent against ‘loading’ at race starts, first corner incidents & general pushing on track. The outcome should be that races become less of a lottery, driver’s respect levels improve and accidental damage should be reduced.

TVKC will be following this regulation:

Should the Front Fairing be out of position on the two mounting brackets [ie pushed inwards to the left, right or fully pushed back] as recorded by the judge(s) of fact’ on entering Parc Ferme after the race, a mandatory / non appealable penalty of a 10 place penalty will be applied to that race.

Drivers can of course choose to enter the pits, replace/reposition the nose cone and return to the track thus avoiding the mandatory post-race penalty [assuming it is correctly located entering Parc Ferme].

They have also commented:

We know this will require a total change of ‘mind set’ on how you drive and there will inevitably be genuine incidents, reasons etc, but in the longer term we are committed to improving the standards of driving at the club and believe this is another ‘tool’ to help rid the sport of its ‘crash/bang label’.

To help our members  embrace this initative, TVKC will be supplying ‘free of charge’ one set of mounting brackets when you enter the Winter Series- in almost all cases these should fit directly onto your 2015 front nose cones, meaning no additional costs to yourself.