UK’s dirtiest karters revealed?

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A recent poll on the British Kart Drivers Association’s Facebook page has the aim of naming some of Britain’s dirtiest kart racers, focusing on the ever popular X30 Senior class.

The poll allows users to nominate and vote on drivers with the aim being to see who is the dirtiest karter in the UK.

The poll is a few days old now and votes are slowing, though the total currently stands at:

Andrew Rees Reynolds 40

Stephen Letts 39

Levi King 27

The Kart Bandit 25

Lewis King 22

Mark Litchfield 8

Tom Prior 6

Some have questioned whether this is a witch hunt or whether it’s a good way of letting some drivers know that other drivers are keeping an eye on them and their reputation isn’t looking good.

Will the threat of being voted one of the ‘UK’s Dirtiest’ karters help driving standards to improve?