Vroom suspends UK operation

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Vroom, the Italian karting magazine, has ceased its UK edition.

The Italian publisher has not printed a UK magazine for 2-months and has been quoted as telling some industry figures that it has ‘suspended’ its UK operation while it evaluates over the summer break whether or not to continue.

Vroom has had a bumpy ride in the 18-months it has been in the UK; it was given away free at a handful of circuits and the title recently lost the support of its UK distributor, meaning that magazines had to be fulfilled from Italy, a move which one industry insider described as ‘chaos’.

Here at Karting magazine we would like to help any UK subscribers who have paid for Vroom UK magazines that they may not receive. All you have to do is send us the receipt for your Vroom UK subscription to vroom@kartingmagazine.com and we will fulfil your remaining subscription with issues of Karting magazine COMPLETELY FREE, starting with issue number 714.

We wish Vroom all the best in the future.