WSK season draws to a close

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The WSK season ends with the WSK Final Cup.

There are winners and there are losers like in every competition, of course, but despite their final result all the 153 drivers who took part in the WSK Final Cup are proud of their participation and eager to come back. The event closed today at the Adria Karting Raceway, as the last event on the 2015 calendar of WSK Promotion. The facility in Adria (Italy) hosted an eventful finale, shown on video on the official website Even the most experienced champions had to work hard on track to achieve a success which remained uncertain until the last inch of the last Final. The great show put on by these great drivers was the best way possible to close and celebrate the 10th year of activity of WSK Promotion.


Ardigò closes the gap and wins in KZ2.

He didn’t have a good start so he had to work hard to close the gap: the Italian Marco Ardigò was obliged to battle against tough rivals such as the French Arnaud Kozlinski and the Spanish Jorge Pescador (Praga-Parilla-Vega) before having the upper hand. At about half race, Ardigò managed to gain the lead and to pull away. The battle for the other podium positions continued between the excellent Italian  Leonardo Lorandi, Kozlinski and Pescador. The Italian managed to pass the French and the Spaniard but was eventually overtaken by Pescador, who became the runner-up behind Ardigò.


Nielsen wins in KF.

The Danish Nicklas Nielsen achieved success in KF keeping the head of the Final from the beginning until the end. His most dangerous rival, the Polish Karol Basz could do nothing but pursuing him from a rather remarkable distance. The race found another unexpected protagonist in the Dutch Richard Verschoor who, after dropping to 6th position, managed to close the gap and to gain the third place behind Basz. When there were few laps remaining, Verschoor even managed to become the runner-up passing Basz and finishing behind the winner Nielsen.