Former MSA British IAME Cadet champion Oliver York is considering a switch to compete in next season’s X30 Tour. The 2013 title winner, who struggled throughout his season in MiniMax this year after numerous mid-season team switches, has eyed up either the X30 Tour with the Zip Kart squad or a graduation to Junior Rotax with AIM Motorsport. Despite his poor season, the 13-year-old ended his domestic campaign on a high, claiming the Super One season’s final race win at PF International last month. He was also nominated as one of the two Motor Sports Association’s drivers which raced at this year’s CIK-FIA Academy Trophy. Attracting its first British champion would be the first major coup for the club-based X30 Tour which only began running in Britain this year as a support category to the Little Green Man series. Excellent reviews and star guest drivers throughout the season have boosted its profile, with Super One bosses rumoured to have enquired to move it on to its calendar for 2015.

York competed in October’s X30 International Final at Le Mans with the Zip Kart team. “We are working with Luke Hynes and Zip Kart in X30 and see the partnership as a long-term project towards singleseater racing,” York’s father Garry said. “This past season in MiniMax has been a shocker but the final victory at PFi really gave Oliver a confidence boost. He was over the moon with it. But now we have the tough decision to make. The X30 Tour just got better and better this year and the tie-up with Zip Kart would be good for the future. But we also have an offer from AIM with Preining-prepared engines in Junior Max.” York Sr said the mid-season team changes heavily affected York’s performances: “Looking back it was the wrong decision to move from Coles to Strawberry Racing. We should have stuck with Coles and had some consistency but we came through it and have good options next year.”