210 Challenge Round 7

The 210 Challenge is known throughout the world of karting as having a uniquely friendly and supportive membership.

It’s a National Championship for 210 Gearbox karts – a very competitive MSA/ABkC licensed Championship. Gearbox racing is dwindling but we are proud to have one of the biggest gearbox grids wherever we visit during the season 210 National is the longest surviving form of competitive karting in the UK having commenced in the 1960’s with the Villiers engine which remains to this day. Modern regulations have enabled the engine to be upgraded and it can now produce up to 42hp – more than six times the power of the original 1955 engine!

2014 210 Challenge Round 7
The penultimate round. Even at this stage in the game the points between the top three are extremely close, however having to drop a round which is looming on the horizon the championship is still wide open, complicated by the fact that Payne and Plain have to count the exclusion round they picked up along the way! Seeded numbers 4 – 10 are all still up for grabs so every point earned in this and the last round to be fought over. Fulbeck a favourite race track is the only circuit which offers the drivers a rolling start. Once again the number of laps for heats and the final were negotiated!! It seems even the young don’t have the stamina they used to!!! Sun out, warm day, banter flying, 9 lap heats, 12 lap final, racing in earnest began.

Heat 1
It was Payne who only just entered the Bus Stop Chicane to head the charging pack. Plain and Bury had demoted him to 3rd within 2 laps and he would suffer displacement further as he backed off with an overheating engine. Plain defended his line from Bury and Cardwell, with three laps to go Cardwell who was quicker by far passed Bury to claim 2nd. On lap 7 Cardwell had the inside line at the Bus Stop but unfortunately he clipped the kerb and failed in his attempt for first place and allowed Bury to pass. Plain went on to win with Bury 2nd, Cardwell 3rd, Callaghan 4th, Whyte 5th and Payne 6th.

Heat 2
Plain led heat 2 with Callaghan hassling him this time, for 4 laps. As they entered Pits Bend Callaghan made his move and achieved momentary success snatching the lead on the exit only to succumb to his Gear box blowing up a second later! Bury having had an identity crisis and was now Bary for the day re-joined the race a lap down after a quick pit stop to change a plug although the race results indicated he had broken the land speed record and was now somewhere in orbit!!! Payne took up 2nd position with young Woodward having worked his way through the field in 3rd. Plain went on to take the win, Payne 2nd, Woodward 3rd, Whyte 4th, Masson 5th and Hancock 6th.

Heat 3
Bury led the pack with Callaghan holding on to second for a lap until Cardwell stormed his way through. It took 6 laps for Cardwell to demote Bury. Plain was now up to 3rd having passed Callaghan on lap 7. It was close at the front. On the last lap Cardwell squeezed through to claim victory. Cardwell 1st, Bury 2nd, Plain 3rd, Callaghan 4th, Woodward 5th and Hancock 6th

Plain earned pole for the final with Bury alongside; Cardwell. As the lights turned to green it was Plain who made the most of pole and commanded the race from start to finish, Bury and Cardwell remained in 2nd and 3rd. Payne was on course for a 4th place until the last corner of the last lap when Callaghan who’d reeled him in lap after lap took him as they crossed the line. In the midfield Whyte, Masson and Watkins were having a good dice. As the flag fell for the final time after some extremely close racing Luke Plain had attained a decent score to help towards his aim for the No 1 plate. Dan Bury 2nd, Matt Cardwell 3rd, Chris Callaghan 4th, Graham Payne 5th Tim Woodward 6th, Tom Whyte 7th, Peter Masson 8th, Adrian Watkins 9th and David Pratt completing the top 10.