Non-MSA Race Results – Red Lodge and Ellough Park

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A round-up from Red Lodge and Ellough Park

Red Lodge

Club 2000 Championship Round 2, 2nd February

Winner David Shearing leading a pack of Honda Cadets including 95 (Brodie Rivers) and 21 (Charlie Kerridge).

David Shearing was the Honda Cadet winner ahead of Oliver Richardson and George Smith, and the fastest driver on the track was Jack Dann who finished 5th after gaining eight places.

There were no position changes among the three Junior Rotaxes and Kieran Metson won by 15s. James Waite led all the way in Minimax with Harrison Huggan getting up to 2nd early in the final.

Kathleen Sore made a great start in Junior TKM and won by 0.9s after seeing off a late challenge from Sam Neale, which dropped him to 6th. Adam Sparrow took 2nd ahead of Kyle Springfield. Stephanie Sore took the lead at the start in Junior Honda and pulled out 8.7s on Rickey Wells.

Dean Fuller won Rotax 177 ahead of the fastest lapper Nicolas Carlton-Smith and Michael Newton after Carlton-Smith toon two places in the first three laps.

TKM Extreme was won by George Friday, helped by 2nd-placed Gordon Smith dropping out after three laps. Nathan Winter came from the back to take 2nd and Thomas Ebbs was 3rd and fastest.


Summer Series Round 2, 15th February

Callum Yarham won the lively Cadet race from pole but with Scott Cansdale pushing him all the way and at the flag the timing system couldn’t separate them – although the lap scorers spotted Yarham slightly in front. Brodie Rivers took 3rd after a battle with David Shearing.

Lewis Wadley pulled out 8s on Connor Smith in Junior TKM and James Hillery was the first of the two Minimaxes. In Junior Rotax Geirgie Whitbread had a few tenths speed advantage and win from Jack Tritton who had passed Byron Kittle at the start.

Sam Jackson and Ben Kidd held station at the front of the Senior Rotax and 177 race with Jackson over 7s ahead. Jason Beck won the 177 class 1.5s ahead of Trevor Villa?