Shenington Race Report 2014

Championship Round 4,Shenington, 20th April 2014

A fantastic total of 157 drivers entered the Easter weekend meeting despite the Rotax O Plate also taking place at Rowrah.

Archie Hancox was having his best career race, trading the Honda Cadet lead with Alex Eades until he went for a closing gap and spun Eades out. He was excluded leaving Casper Stevenson to win. The Comer Cadets were in the same race and Charlie Webster dominated over Jonathan Lawrence with a near 8s victory.

In IAME Cadet, Leo Panayiotou and Taylor Barnard had a great battle at the front, swapping places twice until Panayiotou prevailed by 0.1s. Owen Johnson held off Ross Woodford for 3rd.

Arran Mills held off Matthew Graham for the Junior TKM win.

There was a big MiniMax battle between Saul Robinson and Thomas Bennett. After a restart following a red flag, Robinson claimed the win from Bennett with Newman settling for third.

Scott Snell sliced under Sam Stansbury at Park Corner in Junior Max and pulled clear to win. Lewis Outten was shuffled back to 4th while leading the TKM Extreme final, leaving Matt Davies and Jack Monkhouse to pull clear to the flag.

The rain came just as the large TKM Clubman grid emerged for their final, all still on slicks. Daniel Mense briefly had the lead from Tom Longfield but soon Longfield regained command on the slippy track with Josh Waring some way back in third.

With the rain now settling in, those Senior Rotax drivers on slicks had made a bad choice, with many spinning off. Luke Griffen was the early leader but Dean Hale had superior pace and was soon past and pulling a 5s gap to the flag.

By the final Gearbox race the weather was atrocious as Sam Webster seized the initiative over Dan Kelly and Charlie Roberton in KZ UK. Sam Moore sped up to 2nd to hassle Webster over the last two laps. In the 250 National class, local ace Ross Allen stormed to victory.