Bambino Kart Club Tour Season Review

The Bambino Kart Club Tour has drawn to a successful close for the 3rd consecutive year. The annual BKC Tour saw 30 budding Bambino kart racers enter in 2014, visiting seven circuits, providing ABkC kart clubs with a large grid of drivers sampling the new MSA Bambino class.

Round 1 saw the BKC visit the South Yorkshire Kart Club at Wombwell and the new class regulations proved themselves right from the off, with the top 14 drivers finishing the time trials within just a second of each other.

The drivers headed south to Wales for Round 2, where all 30 drivers headed to Llandow Kart Club. Typically the weather was very wet but Northamptonshire’s Oakley Keightley took the honours.

Shenington hosted Round 3, the first time the Bambino class had visited the Oxfordshire circuit and SKRC made them very welcome. The top 10 were again very close with different winners in each session, but Jacob Burgess took the overall win on the day.

Round 4 was Scotland’s turn, with the journey north to Larkhall. This was the televised round that everyone had been talking about. It was also the IAME Cadet O Plate meeting, won by Jonny Edgar. Local lad Christopher Wilson took home the Number 1 plate in Bambinos, making it four rounds with four different winners.

Round 5 was at Rowrah in Cumbria, a great track and even greater weather, and Eclipse Motorsport’s Aidan Neate took the win. This was also the BKC’s annual O Plate race weekend, Oakley Keightley drove a faultless race under immense pressure from team-mate Jay Holtby and Harley Keeble.

Round 6 was another new one on the BKC calendar, at Bayford Meadows in Kent. This was another very close round, with local lads Josh Irfan and Joshua Sonni-Lambie on the entry list it was a tough bale of consistency for overall winner Harley Keeble.

The final round of the year was a cold and windy autumn day, and one that saw some of the closest racing all year. After switching places all weekend the day’s winner was eventually Harley Keeble, securing him the overall BKC title.

Taken from Issue 705.