Clay Pigeon Kart Club Round 8 Report

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Race Report- Clay Pigeon Kart Club

Round 8- 9th October 2016

The big Cancer Research event of the year was a brilliant day for competitors and spectators alike, as big grids and intense racing helped Clay Pigeon raise a huge amount of money for a great charity. The grids were big across the majority of the classes competing at Clay on a beautifully sunny day, and in with the Honda Cadets this was no different, the first heat of the day being an excellent one. The top 4 battled it out to the very end as Archie Brown won the first race just 0.07 of a second ahead oh Harry Garman and Sean Cuss. In race 2, the Junior Max saw Pryer closing in on Foster but the latter won comfortably, and in the IAME race which followed Joshua Rowledge won by a relatively large margin of over 2.3 seconds. Colin Davis won a good battle between himself and Julian Howell to win race 1 in the 177’s, and in the Minimax Adams was able to pass Newman-Oakley after having closed him down. There was a massive 20 competitors in the Senior Max class, and they supplied decent entertainment early on as Cole Edwards was able to win having overtaken Kieran Shanks. In the Junior TKM class, Lucas Sullivan won easily, as there was a decent squabble for 2nd. It was an easy win for Martin Wheeler in the return of Senior Blue to Clay this season, and the Senior TKM Heat 1 there were many changes in position in a very closely fought race, Lewis Round eventually taking a tense win.

Davis vs Martin in the Senior 177s

The second round of heats began with the Honda Cadets, and Harry Garman took his first win of the day in a race in which himself and Smith overtook Eades having caught the race leader. The Junior Max race had an exciting finale, with Foster overtaken but he regained his position and defended heavily on the last lap to hold on to the win. Martin was simply beaten for pace in the 177’s (something not done too often) with Colin Davis able to take yet another win, and in the Senior Max it was a great contest between the top 3 drivers. In the Senior Blue there were several collisions and incidents throughout the race, but Martin Wheeler was able to take 2 wins out of 2 in the outcome. The Senior TKM race once again showed why it was such an entertaining battle, with all of the drivers so close together on pace, however it was Peter Newman who came out on top on this occasion.

some competitors in the charity bike race helping raise money for Cancer Research

The round of 3rd heats began and it was a truly phenominal race as Archie Brown led the battling top 3 towards the finish line on the last lap but Sonny Smith made it past Brown and Eades to take the win at the last possible second, beating Archie Brown by 4 hundredths of a second. The battle was very close too between the top 4 drivers in Junior Max, Foster getting past Haynes in the end but unable to take the hattrick of victories. Daniel Martin was able to win as he, Howell and Davis all started in lowly grid positions for the final heat in the 177’s, and Rowledge won all 3 of the heats in IAME Cadet. On the last lap of the race in Minimax Watts overtook Newman-Oakley to win the race, and in the Senior Max Oliver Holden won relatively comfortably as Edwards from 2nd was forced to retire. Anthony Cleal interrupted the winning streak of Martin Wheeler to take a win in the Senior Blue, and the Senior TKM once again provided a tense race and yet another different winner, as Sam Fowler won the race. The Honda Cadets even had a 4th heat this month due to their huge grid, and the race was worth a watch too as once again a very close finale this time saw a win for Garman over Smith.

close racing in the Minimax

The Finals began with the Junior Max, and Pryer was battling eventual race winner Foster until the very end but Tommy Foster was able to hold on to win. The IAME Cadet Final witnessed Joshua Rowledge able to win all 4 races of the day, a very successful day for the driver. The

Honda Cadet Final unsuprisingly had many spectators, and they were rewarded with a once again extremely close and well-fought race. On the last lap of the race heading towards the chequered flag, Eades and Brown collided meaning Harry Garman was able to win only just ahead the C plated Ollie Tyler. Colin Davis had a poor start in the 177 Final and was leapfrogged by bot Daniel Martin and Julian Howell, but he was able to get back into the lead and win an impressive 3⁄4 of the races of the day. Tom Adams won in the Minimax Final and in the Senior Max Cole Edwards was catching Kieran Shanks early on in the race, but couldn’t quite keep up the pace and Shanks won well. In the Junior TKM Final Lucas Sullivan took the win, ahead of a Senior BlueFinal which consisted of a battle between Wheeler and Cleal, but the former was able to hold onto the win. The final race of the day was the ever exciting Senior TKM, and the 3 winners of the 3 heats finished as the top 3- despite Sam Fowler’s blistering pace he had to settle for 3rd behind Lewis Round and winner Peter Newman.

Round 9 and the final championship round of the season at Clay is on the 13th November.

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