Clay Pigeon Kart Club Round 9 Report

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Round 9 – 13th November 2016

The track dried out under the chilly November air to provide the spectators for the final round of the year at Clay Pigeon with some excellent racing as the finalised championship tables were settled.

The 26 Cadet drivers out on track for race 1 was always going to be interesting with such a large grid and the first race was just that, with a good race between Gibbons and Vaughan ending with Gibbons taking the first win of the day concluding a great battle between the top 3, with Owen Tolley taking the other spot inside the top 3. The next Heat was an interesting one as 3 different classes were thrown into one race, with Minimax, Junior TKM and Junior Blue in the mixed grid competing against a handful of drivers each. Adams won the race in the Minimax, with Orton winning in the TKM and Drew Calvert in the Blues also the victor. Daniel Martin edged closer towards the championship win with victory in the 177s, and Duncan Mcleod won the Senior Blues race comfortably, with over an 8 second win over the number 30 Sam Dible. The Senior Max also once again had a sizeable grid, with 20 drivers, and it was Ben Hamlet in Heat 1 who once again witnessed a fairly comprehensive win. Tommy Foster won the final first Heat of the year in the Junior Max.

A close battle in the Junior Max

The second round of Heats began with the Cadets and there was an excellent finale to this race which seems to have been a theme of late for the youngsters, with Archie Brown benefitting from contact between Smith and Bloch. Across the line there were 3 karts abreast; it really was a thrilling conclusion to a brilliant race. Davis was able to storm away in the Minimax class as an initially tight race opened up towards the closing stages, and the number 1 Anthony Cleal was able to beat Wheeler to the line by less than a tenth in the Blues. In the Max’s, it was this year’s champion Thomas Martin who was able to win ahead of a tense battle for 3rd. Tommy Foster took 2/2 wins in the Junior Max as he was able to overtake Humphries on the last corner.

A tight battle between the youngsters in the Cadets

The 3rd round of heats began as the top 6 were divided into 3 pairs in the Cadets, with Archie Brown able to take 2/3 wins- an impressive feat by the young no.7, who just beat Sebastian Bloch to the chequered flag. Drew Calvert was able to overtake all of the Minimax’s in his Junior Blue kart to win on the circuit in the 2nd race, Adams once again winning in the Minimax. In the 177’s Tedder had the pace and was catching Davis well, but was just unable to do so. Martin Wheeler was finally able to take a win in the Senior Blues, and convincingly too, with Anthony Cleal having to make considerable progress through the field. In the Senior Max, Edwards won comfortably, and in the Junior Max, Oakley Pryer was able to defend well to interrupt Tommy Foster’s winning streak.

The Senior Max once again had a strong turnout

The Finals began with the Junior Blues storming through the field of Minimax to finish in 1st and 2nd, Drew Calvert the victor, and a very unlucky Tom Adams had to retire on lap 1 to enable a Rourke victory in the Minimax. The 177’s were next on track and a collision between Mark Tedder and Julian Howell early on harmed Howell’s chances of a win over rival Daniel Martin, who went on to win yet again ahead of Colin Davis, also giving Martin the Championship. Behind them was the Senior TKM driver Derek Hunt, whose appearance and wins today granted the Championship win to the 51-year-old on his 21st season at Clay. The Cadets were next on track and gave a predictably close race, with the top 2, Brown and Smith, just 0.06 seconds apart over the line. Sebastian Bloch was 3rd ahead of C plate and this years Honda Cadet champion Ollie Tyler. In the Senior Blues it was Anthony Cleal who took the win ahead of Duncan Mcleod and Luke Lattimer. The Senior Max’s saw a good battle for 2nd which Cole Edwards beat Thomas Martin to, Kieran Shanks winning easily. The final race of the meeting and indeed the season saw Tommy Foster return to winning ways with victory over Oakley Pryer.

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