Clay Pigeon KC Round 3

The third round at Clay supplied racers with challenging, changing conditions, but ultimately led to another day of great racing and tense finishes.

The day began under grey conditions, and wet tyres were the order of the day for the first race of the Cadets. Burgess was able to take the first win of the day over Garman, as pole sitter Simpson suffered a DNF. The Minimax class and Junior TKM saw victories for Edmunds and Huntley. The Junior Max class saw Humphries beat Sheppard to the line. The Senior Max class kicked off the seniors, as Gould won ahead of Harlow
by 1.5 seconds. The Senior TKM races were in ever-changing conditions throughout the day, and with the weather unable
to make its mind up, the latter stages of the first heats became dependant on tyre choice and setup. From last, Fox was able to win ahead of reigning champion Bruce-White. The 177’s saw Davis win ahead of Martin.

The second heats began with the Cadets, and the top 5 provided a brilliant race which resulted in a second win for Burgess. The Minimax also supplied great entertainment towards the end
of the race, as Fry won 0.09 seconds ahead of Wilson-Brown. Harlow won the Senior Max class, and Fox took 2 wins from 2 in a victory in the Senior TKM’s. Martin had an easy drive in the 177’s, winning by almost 7 seconds.

The third heats were quickly underway after the conclusion to the 177’s heat 2, and this time Watts was the victor for the cadets, as Burgess is unable to continue his flawless record due to a spin which dropped him to 17th. In the Minimax class, Edmunds took another win in a good race which saw Uphill and Holden finish on the other podium positions. Barton was able to halt Fox and won heat 3 in the Senior TKM, due to being the only driver on the grid to correctly gamble being on wets.

The Cadets took to the track to begin their final in drying conditions, and it was Harry Newman-Oakley who had a strong start but losing 9 positions over 2 consecutive laps ended his hope of taking the win, and pole sitter Jenson Watts was able to control the race and take the win by 3 seconds. Burgess was able to finish 3rd behind Garman.

The Minimax class saw yet another close finish as after 21 laps, race winner Thomas Edmunds and second placed Paige Holden were separated by just 3 tenths of a second. Will Uphill took the final spot on the podium. The Junior Max class gave Matthew Humphries his 4th win of the day ahead of Bradley Sheppard. The all novice plate Junior TKM class was won by Ben Huntley, who beat second-placed Reece Cullern-Jones by 3 seconds, as both drivers lapped 3rd placed Isaac Marsh.

Charlie Bruce-White was the winner of the Senior TKM final, taking his first victory of the day 2.3 seconds ahead of 2nd placed William Davies, along with the fastest lap. The final spot of the podium was gifted to Derek Hunt, as at the time 2nd and 3rd placed Fox and Barton collided after an optimistic move from Barton. Race 34 and the penultimate race of the day was the final for the Senior Max, and supplied great racing as the top 3 were separated by less than a second, and 3 tenths was the difference as pole sitter Toby Harlow won the race ahead of Dan Horsey. Brad Perrett was only just behind as he came across the line in 3rd. The last race of the day, the 177’s, saw Daniel Martin cruise to victory in front of Colin Davis and Joe Walmsley, to conclude a successful days racing at Clay Pigeon. The 14th June will be the next championship round at Clay.