Buckmore Park Kart Winter Championship Round 3, 16th March
A warm summer-like day saw practice for the Super One Series in two months’ time causing a jam-packed programme at Buckmore Park.


A close race for the front runners in the Honda Cadet Clubman class saw Nicholas Reeve just pip Oliver Bearman as the top spot changed hands twice on the last lap, with Reeve using the popular turn 10, Garda, as the spot to take the lead. Both the boys had quite an advantage over the rest of the pack, so the podium was already sorted with Reeve taking 1st, Bearman settling for 2nd, and a comfortable 3rd for Luke Whitehead. The Minimax class gave a lifeline to Samuel Gerrard, Adam Smalley, Tom Bayley and Taylor Bellini who all qualified for the final through the Repechage.

An incident at Conways involving Harry McQuillan meant the race was postponed for 15 minutes, giving the drivers’ time to have a word with the stewards and relax. Once restarted, Dean Macdonald took advantage of his pole position to hold the lead for the majority of the race, conceding 1st place for a split second on lap 6 to eventual 3rd placed driver Lucas Vaus. Unfortunately for Macdonald, he was overtaken on lap 10 by Luke Wooder who made it stick. Sam McKenzie, Rory Smith, Alex McRoberts, and Taylor Harding drove an important race in their Junior Max B Final to win the final four spots on the grid for the A Final. The race ended in a comfortable win for Gus Lawrence who started on pole and led throughout to earn his highly deserved 1st place trophy.

Podium finishers Dave Wooder and Omar Ismail managed to overtake 4th place finisher, Leonard Hoodenboom early, giving them time to create a gap and secure their positions. There was controversy in the Senior Rotax final as an incident at Senna Chicane on lap 4 saw Savannah Courtenay hit the tyre wall, causing a delay. Fortunately, she was fine, but had to retire from the race. The restart saw the lead held by three different drivers throughout the race. Pole sitter Brett Ward couldn’t hold on to his lead, surrendering it to John Stewart soon after the race resumed. He too, was unable to hold it, being overtaken by eventual winner, Sam Marsh. Marsh entered the top spot with five laps to go, and fully deserved the win after managing to hold off competition from the likes of Stewart.

A clean and professional Honda Cadet race was controlled by first place qualifier Harry Thompson seeing through the win with style, leading from start to finish. Praise is also due to Keaton Samra, who also managed to keep his starting position and earn a solid 2nd place. The overtakes of the race were performed by Oliver Clarke. A not so good starting position did not faze Clarke, who achieved a podium finish with a late overtake on lap 10, after successfully climbing four places during the race.