CKRC Championship Round 1 – 2015

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After a foggy start, the first meeting of the year got underway at Rowrah with what looks like being an excellent championship, with some exciting racing in 2015. Piers Henderson dominated in IAME cadet, winning all heats and going on to start in pole position in the final then winning by 3.15s. Charlie Walsh finished 2nd aer starting 4th and Dylan Hotchin finished in 3rd.

There was some good racing in the Honda Cadet final with Samuel Thwaytes, James Walker, Harvey Edmundson and Will Murdoch all baling for a place on the podium. Walker took first by the end of the first lap from pole man Thwaytes, but Thwaytes managed to get it back by lap 5 and then hold it to the end, he went on to win by 2.17s. Walker took 2nd and Edmundson 3rd. Results are provisional pending scrutineering checks. In Junior Max, Lucy Fulton took 1st from pole man Michael Macpherson during the start of the race, they baled up until the middle of the race when they crashed, meaning both were out of the race, leaving Sam Kirkpatrick to take an easy win. Shaun Davidson took 2nd and Daniel Lamport 3rd.

After some very close racing between Cameron Sharpe and Kristian Brierley, Sharpe took pole in the Junior TKM final only to be passed by Brierley early on in the race. hey both drove well and kept their positions to the end of the race. Ethan Hammerton took the last place on the podium in his first race off his novice plates.

In Minimax, pole man Chris Lulham retired in lap 5, leaving Tom Wood to take the lead and win. Gordon Mutch took 2nd and Alex Mcdade 3rd. The Senior Rotax final was cancelled due to a shortage of day light because of the late start, due to the fog. The results are based on the positions from the heats. Stuart Middleton would have started on pole for the final aer winning 2 out of the 3 heats so he took first, Thomas Wood 2nd and Abbie Carruthers 3rd.