CKRC Championship Round 4

Championship Round 4, Cumbria Kart Racing Club, 10th May 2015

TKM Northern Championship competitors joined Rowrahs championship members along with RAF premier drivers for the 4th round of the club championship.

It was an easy final for Ethan Alia in IAME cadet, he started on pole and got a great start then kept pulling away from Charlie Walsh in 2nd through out the race, they finished with a 7.3s gap between them. Jake Triggs took the last place on the podium.

The Honda Cadet final included more action than the IAMES final and was a good race to watch. James Walker started on pole and led up to lap 5 where Justin Breward who started 5th passed him. They continuously swapped places throughout the remainder of the race but it was Walker who crossed the line first, Breward finished in 2nd with only 0.04s between them and Will Murdock finished in a close 3rd a?er a ba?le with Max Edmundson towards the end of the race.

Rhys Hunter took pole In Minimax, a?er ge?ing good results In the heats, he led the race up until lap 8 where Gordon Mutch made a move and led till the flag. Hunter finished in 2nd and Samuel White finished where he started in 3rd

There was some excellent driving from Craig Wade in the Junior Max final, he started in 3rd but by lap 2 he had passed both Abigail Ross and pole man Jack Brailsford to take the lead and go on to win the race. Brailsford finished 2nd a?er a ba?le with Reece Dixon who took 3rd.

Kristian Brierley started on pole and led the grid of 16 in the Junior TKM final but was passed by Robbie Wozencro? early in the race. Wozencro? went on to win the race with Brierley 3.3s behind him. Ethan Hammerton finished in 3rd. The fastest lap went to Cameron Sharpe who started 10th a?er some unlucky heats but managing to get up to 4th by the middle of the race and keep that position until the flag.

The Senior TKM final was one of the most exciting races of the day with pole man Kyle Sproat and Lewis Raine swapping places continuously throughout the race and although Raine set the fastest lap, it was Sproat who crossed the line first. Lewis Main finished 3rd and Joe Taylor 4th.

Oliver Waind and Simon Hilton led the grid from flag to flag in the RAF Premier final with Waind in first and Hilton in 2nd. Ma?hew Daniel finished 3rd a?er starting 5th and having a great start. Troy Cole had an amazing race, starting 14 and finishing in 4th place.

The Senior Rotax final was dominated by Abbie Carruthers, she started on pole and led from flag to flag winning by 6.2s and also se?ing the fastest lap. Tom Wood too the 2nd place on the podium and Carol Van Beusekom took 3rd.

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