CUMBRIA KRC Championship Round 11

It was a wet and windy day for the last round of the CKRC Championship Superone driver Jonny Edgar started on pole for the IAME cadet final but dropped to 4th during the first lap. He got back up to 2nd until Joseph Taylor took the place from him on the last lap. Dexter Paerson kept the lead and went on to win the race after passing Edgar on the first lap. After a disappointing last race of the season, Harry Riches won the championship. Once again Riley Banks started Pole for the Honda Cadet final after winning 2/3 heats and went on to win the race. After a disappointing final Kai Hunter dropped from 2nd to last within the first couple of laps, he finished in 7th but thanks to a good season, still managed to win the championship. Lewis Gilbert finished 2nd in the final with novice Will Murdoch in 3rd after getting an amazing start.

There was some excellent driving in the Minimax final as Kiern Jewiss, in his first appearance in Mini max at Rowrah, gained first place by the second lap. He kept the lead to take the win, Fin Kenneally finished 2nd and Connor Mcarthy 3rd. Championship winner Mathew Easton finished 6th in the final. The Junior Max final finished under a red flag following an accident. Superone driver Jack Mccarthy started on pole after winning 2/3 heats and went on to win the race, from flag to flag. Craig Wade and Jack Brailsford had some close racing throughout the season and both went in to the weekend with a chance of winning the championship. Brailsford finished 2nd and Wade 3rd meaning they had joint points in the championship. Brailsford won the championship after dropped scores were brought back in to play.

In the Junior TKM final, Kristian Brierley started on pole, he managed to hold on to 1st position for a couple of laps before Cameron Fisher took the lead. An incident during lap three of the race meant the Battenberg flag was brought out. Racing resumed on lap seven and Jack Davidson took 2nd place, dropping Brierley to 3rd. The jnr tkm final results and championship points are provisional pending an appeal to the MSA. Brendan Speight had no challenges in TKM Extreme, he took the win leaving Daniel Pepper to take second. Meaning Speight won the championship by 169 points.

In his first weekend of being in seniors, Jonathan Paylor started on pole for the Senior Rotax final, only to be passed by Ryan Garvey on the first lap. Garvey then went on to win the race, with Paylor
in 2nd after Tom Shipman (Championship Winner) and Abbie Carruthers retired earlier in the race. Martin Fisher finished in 3rd.


1 Dexter Paerson 2 Joseph Taylor
3 Jonny Edgar
1 Riley Banks
2 Lewis Gilbert
3 Will Murdoch (N)
1 Mahew Easton 2 Gordon Mutch 3 Rhys Hunter
1 Brendan Speight 2 Daniel Pepper
1 Jack Mccarthy 2 Jack Brailsford 3 Craig Wade
1 Ryan Garvey
2 Jonathan Paylor 3 Martin Fisher
PROVISIONAL: 1 Cameron Fisher
2 Jack Davidson
3 Kristian Brierley

Taken from Issue 705