LKRC Fulbeck 2017 Round 1 Race Report

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Sunday 26 February 2017

Report by Carol McLean & Images by TLP-Photography

The LKRC & FESS 2016 awards evening was presented by Karting Magazine’s very own Chris McCarthy to an extremely busy room of 180 attendees. Fulbeck’s Competition Secretary Julie Thornsby received Karting Magazine’s 2016 Nomination Award for Circuit of the Year. The club would like to thank all voluntary staff and marshals for their continued support. The Fulbeck directors would like to convey their thanks and appreciation to sponsors customized for supplying the excellent trophies, Strawberry Racing for donating 3 x £50 raffle vouchers per meeting throughout the year for participating drivers, KartPartsUK, JM Racing, AFRacing Engineering, British Mini Bikes for supplying the flooring to the club house and all competitors, mechanics, parents, guardians for championing this great institution “THE HOME OF REAL RACING”. LKRC – Lincolnshire Kart Racing Club-Fulbeck now in its 58th year, boasts a full and exiting calendar of racing for 2017, incorporating the return of S1-Super One, OEKC – Open Endurance Karting Championship, BPEC – British ProKart Endurance Championship, BMBBritish Mini Bikes, NKF-National Karting Federation, MSA Short Circuit GP, RAF MSA & F100 Spirit of the 90’s combining their race series and new to Fulbeck this year, the MSA E-Plate, EasyKart – the Birel ART UK Series; this IKR / MSA /ABkC registered kart track is going from strength to strength. CoC John Goldthorpe held drivers briefing at 9.15am for 70 entrants, 10 classes and 28 races.

Many drivers turned up at practice to prepare for Super One including Danny Keirle
Many drivers turned up at practice to prepare for Super One including Danny Keirle


Heat 1 Race 1

The day commenced with Dan from ZipKart bringing 14 drivers for the MSA Bambino Winter Championship and getting some valuable time in seat before their scheduled round in July. To the front of the grid came in P1 Freddie Housley (10), P2 Jack Sant (86)and completing the trio was Zac Drummond (31) in P3 for the first of four, timed qualifying heats. Lap 1 of 7 sees Archie Clark (43) get off to the best start closely follow by Housley (10) by 0.79 seconds. Clark (43) picks up the pace in the next lap; pulls ahead holding the lead by over a second, but with only 0.59 seconds between Wherrell (98), Ollie Poole (12), Housley (10) and Eden Spanswick (69) the field grows closer. Lap 3 Poole (12) falls back six places and whilst Spanswick (69) passes Housley (10) to draw closer to Wherrell (98) in P2. During lap 4 Clark (43) loses his lead not only to Wherrell (98) but Housley (10), Joe Lewis (90) and Jack Sant, but Clark (43) digs deep and puts in the heats Best Lap Time of 1:04.810 in lap 5 to regain his lead. Two laps to go and Clark (43) puts in another quick lap ahead of Wherrell (98), whilst there’s 0.10 seconds between the next three karts of Housley (10), Lewis (90) and Joseph Katsantonis. Last lap and the winner in P1 Archie Clark (43) brings the heat to close in 7:41.920 minutes followed in P2 by Lewis Wherrell (98) 0.640 seconds from P1 and Freddie Housley (10) 0.40 seconds from Wherrell (98).

Heat 2 Race 8

All eager and rearing to go the youngest class come out to show us how it’s done with P1 holding Archie Clark (43), in P2 lines up Lewis Wherrell (98) and P3 for Freddie Housley (10). As this group set off Housley (10) gets the quickest lap time but Clark (43) is not having any of that and hits the front for P1 in lap 2 whilst Katsantonis pushes forward into P3, Wherrell (98) is now down to fourth place and Sant, Drummond (31) and Poole (12) and battling for P5. Lap 3 sees Wherrell (98) is back on the pace and only 0.07 seconds from Housley (10) in P2 and its now Sant (86)and Poole (12) competing for P5 down to 0.04 seconds between them. The heats Best Lap Time is posted by Archie Clark (43) 1:04.640 minutes in lap 4 with nearest contenders Wherrell (98) and Housley (10)’s times are just a mere 0.03 seconds apart. Whilst the drivers start to tire and drop off the pace, speeds up to Housley (10) in P3 and they swap and change their positions through to the end. Chequered is brought out for heat winner P1 Archie Clark (43) with a race completion time of 7:38.070 minutes, second kart over the line for P2 is Lewis Wherrell (98) 0.660 seconds from Clark (43) and finding that extra 0.010 seconds Freddie Housley (10) claims P3 at 0.960 seconds from P1.

Eden Spanswick - Bambino
Eden Spanswick – Bambino

Heat 3 Race 15

For the penultimate 8 lap timed qualifying heat, the front three contenders brought P1 Archie Clark (43), P2 Lewis Wherrell (98), P3 Freddie Housley (10) to the front row auditions. Again Housley (10) is fastest off the start line and straight into P1 and again Clark (43) returns the favour by 1.16 seconds, upping the pace to regain the his place. Lap 3 and Wherrell (98) moves in nearer to P1 but Clark (43) keeps him at bay by 0.21 seconds during which a hundredth of a second apart Katsantonis and Spanwick are scrapping for P3. Housley (10) has fallen back to P6 but brings it back next time round and squeezes in between Katsantonis and Spanwick. By the end of lap 5, Katsantonis and Spanwick take over both of the top slots and push on over the timing line but it’s a short lived moment as “comeback Clark (43)” kicks in with a lap difference of 0.78 seconds ahead of P2 Spanswick (69) going into the following lap, where just to put a stamp on the situation Clark (43) posts 1:04.570 minutes the Best Lap Time for the heat. In 8:43.660 minutes Archie Clark (43) takes his third heat win in followed 0.750 seconds by Joseph Katsantonis in P2 with P3 heat winner Lewis Wherrell (98) just 0.030 seconds off P2.

FINAL Race 22

With the top four karts and a 1st novice available on the podium and all 14 drivers take their last grid positions of the day for the first 2017 MSA final of the season. In their very well earned positions in the front row are Archie Clark (43) going for 4 out 4 wins, Lewis Wherrell (98) in P2 and Joseph Katsantonis in P3. Another good starting lap for Housley (10) but Clark (43) and Wherrell (98) are back in place for lap 2. The top four karts are less than 0.5 seconds apart during lap 3 but tighten gap to 0.27 seconds but Clark (43) shakes free going into the next lap where the heats Best Lap Time of 1:05.250 minutes. For lap 6 Clark (43) and Wherrell (98) switch pace between P1 & 3 whilst Housley (10) maintains a constant P2. Last lap board is out whilst the main contenders quicken and making it 4 out of 4 it’s Archie Clark (43) who wins the MSA Bambino Winter Championship and LKRC Rnd 1 with a race completion of 8:46.620 minutes. Crossing the line for P2 is Lewis Wherrell (98) only 0.180 seconds from P1 followed by P3 winner Freddie Housley (10) just a mere 0.370 seconds from Clark (43) and Eden Spanswick (69) makes it the fourth kart home with a difference of 0.020 from P3. Claiming the 1st novice prize is Benjamin Clark (11) Younger (19) brother of the P1 winner Archie.

Archie Clark - Bambino
Archie Clark – Bambino

IAME Cadets

Heat 1 Race 2

Second class of the day saw 11 entrants grid up for the IAMEs first heat with Mark Baines Motorsports drivers Max Barrow (15) and Oliver Phillips (52) take on P1 & 2 and Zip Teams Matthew Rees (9) in P3. With the first of ten circuits of the track completed MBM’s Phillips (87) finds himself on a rapid descent to P9, Zip’s Rees (9) heads straight into P1 and maintains the lead through to lap 2 when P4 starter Rashan Chigorimbo (92) passes Barrow (15) to try out P2. Lap 3 and Rees (9) has plummeted to the back of the grid as Rashan (92)leads the way in P1 into the next lap and as all 11 drivers squeeze together there’s only 2.61 seconds between the pack. Climbing up the ranks is Jake Weston (45) into P2 with Vinnie Phillips (87) P3 from his fourth row start and further down the line S8Racing’s Danyal Hussain (96), Lewis Bird (44) and Charlie Rippin (65) sit in 5th, 6th & 7th positions. The line up remains until Weston (45) posts the heats Best Lap Time of 54.720 minutes in lap 5 and out runs Rashan (92) for P1 in the proceeding lap but as they both up their speeds Rashan (92) is back in front for the start of lap 9. The front runners are less than 0.20 seconds apart but taking the first heat win Rashan Chigorimbo (92) crosses the line in 9:13.984 minutes, main challenger Jake Weston (45) is the second kart home in P2 with a difference of 0.07 seconds with closely contended P3 Vinnie Phillips (87) 0.17 seconds from P1.

Heat 2 Race 9

Having had their warm up heat P1 sees Vinnie Phillips (87), Jake Weston (45) in P2 and P3 brought S8Racings Danyal Hussain (96) to the top of the stack. The only two karts left in their original start places are S8Racing’s driver Jack Younger (19); the 2016 P5 Championship Winner, & Lewis Bird (44) coming into lap 2 meanwhile Weston (45) is on pole, Rees (9) moves up 4 spaces from P8, Barrow (15) gains 2 and Rashan (92) slides into P3 on his way to catch Weston (45). Lap 3 commences and Phillips (87) is down to P4 as Rees (9) and Rashan (92) make up the gap to P2 & 3, Hussain (96) loses his way and lands in P11. Lap 6 and Bird (44) passes the 2016 P4 Championship Winner Benjamin Doughty (28) for P7 whilst Rashan (92) posts the heats Best Lap Time of 54.310 minutes and takes the lead in the next lap. Weston (45) snatches it back as Rashan (92) drops his pace just a little too much. The battle ensues to the chequered flag with heat winner in P1 Rashan Chigorimbo (92) completing the heat in 9:06.250 minutes, on his back in P2 is Jake Weston (45) 0.63 seconds after who held back P3 heat winner Matthew Rees (9) by 0.14 seconds.

Rashan Chigorimbo - IAME Cadet
Rashan Chigorimbo – IAME Cadet

Heat 3 Race 16

Decision maker for grid positions and Benjamin Doughty (28) takes pole position, in P2 Jack Younger (19) and Charlie Rippin (65) on the third step. Rashan (92) blasts his way from P7 to pole and Weston (45) follows his lead from the fifth row to P4, Rees (9) and Barrow (15) take on P2 & 3 whilst Hussain (96) and Phillips (87) move up two positions each. Lap 3 sees Phillips (87) and Doughty (28) making good headway through the traffic with Phillips (87) hitting P4 in lap 6 and P3 in the next. Charlie Rippin (65) posts the heats Best Lap Time with 54.390 minutes in the eighth lap overtaking Barrow (15) for P4. With 3 seconds in lap pace between the field, Rashan Chigorimbo (92) in 9:09.540 minute completes the heat for his third wink with P2 going to Matthew Rees (9) 0.08 seconds from P1 and in P3 Vinnie Phillips (87) 0.79 behind P1.

FINAL Race 23

As the karts take their places P1 has Rashan Chigorimbo (92), Jake Weston (45) on the second step with Vinnie Phillips (87) completing the trio. The finalist settle into their rhythm on lap 5 after Rees (9) takes the advantage in Rashan (92) slower lap jumps into P1 and Hussain (96) is out of the race. Laps 6 to 10 and theres no movement in the positions just quicker times with over half the grid posting under 55 seconds per lap. Jake Weston (45) posts the finals Best Lap Time of 54.300 minutes in lap 10 whilst Rashan (92) ups the pressure on Rees (9) to take back P1 the next lap. Lap 13 sees the end of Jake Weston (45) final, Rippin (65) jumps in to P3, whilst Rees (9) regains the lead from Rashan (92) and holds it to the chequered flag. Winner Matthew Rees (9) takes P1 with a race completion time of 13:39.540 minutes, Rashan Chigorimbo (92) winning the second trophy only 0.15 seconds from P1 and collecting the final trophy P3 winner Charlie Rippin (65) 0.31 seconds from P1.

Matthew Rees - IAME Cadet
Matthew Rees – IAME Cadet

Honda Cadets

Heat 1 Race 3

10 laps and 11 entrants but no Khali Atkins, leaves the grid containing drivers from Luke Hines’s AllStars Racing Team, Clan, Pulse and Boost Racing. AllStars’s driver Alex Mollov (44) the takes pole position, Daniel Parrans-Smith (18) in P2 and Mollov (44)’s teammate Maurice Henry (49) in P3. The first two laps completed and Parrans-Smith (18) has made a great start climbing 5 positions to P4 but Clan driver Kieran Conchie (25) has snuck into P1. Lap 5 and the field bunches together with Boosts Aidan Lyne (48) overtaking Pulses Jacob McLaren (47) for P5. The heats Best Lap Time is posted by Henry (49) (49) in 54.750 minutes on lap 8. Penultimate lap and both AllStars drivers have a 0.65 seconds speed advantage and wiggle into P1 & 2. Conchie (25) pushes back and its too close to call but at 9:12.540 minutes heat winner Alex Mollov (44) claims the first P1. Second kart over the line in P2 is Kieran Conchie (25) at 0.27 seconds from Mollov (44) and Maurice Henry (49) with 0.34 seconds difference from his teammate comes home in P3.

Heat 2 Race 10

Pulse Racing block out the front row with Jacob McLaren (47) is at the head of the grid, teammate and 2016 P3 Championship Winner Joe Harrison (12) in P2 with another Pulse driver Max Cotton in P3. Lap 1 and Harrison (12) spins out taking him down to P9 with McLaren (47) now at the back of the grid. Conchie (25), Henry (49), Parrans-Smith (18) all make significant gains but from P9 Mollov (44) takes the lead. By lap 4 Conchie (25) capitalises on Mollov (44) fractionally slower lap for P1. The racing is so close as only 1.95 seconds between the first and last karts in the fifth lap and in lap 7 Mollov (44) posts the heats Best Lap Time of 54.850 minutes. Lap 9 with on 1.47 seconds between all 10 karts Alex Mollov (44) reclaims the lead and wins the heat in 9:13.990 minutes, P2 goes to Kieran Conchie (25) 0.06 seconds from P1and in P3 Maurice Henry (49) is 0.25 seconds from Conchie (25).

Kieran Conchie - Honda Cadet
Kieran Conchie – Honda Cadet

Heat 3 Race 17

9 lap decider for grid positions in the finals, as the karts take their grid positions Marcus Luzio (88) is on pole, P2 for Kieran Conchie (25) and in P3 Aidan Lyne (48). Conchie (25) jumps into P1 from the off and makes as much distance from the pack as possible whilst both Luzio (88) and Parrans-Smith (18) tumble to the back of the field. Henry (49) and Harrison (12) in P2 &3 chase down Conchie (25). Another heats Best Lap Time for Alex Mollov (44) posting 54.900 minutes in lap 6 in his ascent from his P10 start place to P4 whilst Harrison (12) overtakes Henry (49) for P2 but its back in his hands for lap 7. Last lap and Harrison (12) loses out to both McLaren (47) and Mollov (44) finishing in P5 but 4.81 seconds ahead of P2 heat winner in P1 is Kieran Conchie (25) posting a race completion time of 9:05.951 minutes, P2 goes to Jacob McLaren (47) followed 0.75 seconds in P3 Alex Mollov (44). Penalties – Henry (49) +10 seconds for gaining and unfair advantage.

FINAL Race 24

15 lap final and three podium places for the winners brings Alex Mollov (44) in P1, in P2 Kieran Conchie (25) and P3 Maurice Henry (49) completes the trio at the front of the grid. Henry (49) takes the lead into lap 2 with teammate Mollov (44) on his tail. Into lap 4 and Conchie (25) wrestles back into P2, McLaren (47) and Harrison (12) both claim a place each. Lap 6 and Harrison (12) is on fire leaving McLaren (47) and Parrans-Smith (18) his sites on set on Alex Mollov (44) in P3. Posting the finals Best Lap Time is Joe Harrison (12) with 54.810 minutes in lap 7 and reaches his goal to P3. Lap 12 and Conchie (25) holds a faster lap time than Henry (49) so claims P1 but Harrison (12) descends to P7 leaving Mollov (44) in P3. The next time round has Henry (49) back in the lead with 0.26 seconds pace ahead of Conchie (25). Final lap Mollov (44) overtakes Conchie (25) but the difference between the top 3 karts is barely visible. Chequered flag is out as the winner P1is Maurice Henry (49) with a race completion time of 13:50.300 minutes closely followed by 0.09 seconds came Alex Mollov (44) for P2 with the final podium step going to Kieran Conchie (25) in P3 0.18 seconds from P1.

Maurice Henry - Honda Cadet
Maurice Henry – Honda Cadet

Mini Max & Mini X30

Heat 1 Race 4

First mixed grid of the three for this 11 lap heat holds S8Racings Mini X30 duo Jacob Heap (12) and Ben Jenkins (99) to the front row, with the four Mini Max drivers headed up by Mark Baines Motorsport driver Matthew Bonnett (71) and Max Edmundson (34). With Jenson Parker (22) overtaking Edmundson (34) in lap one Bonnett (71) is free clear to put as much distance between him and the rest of the pack. Whilst throughout the race Max driver Chloe Carter (52) and Jenkins (99) are matching each other for pace as she catches up to other Max karts. Final lap and MBMs Matthew Bonnett (71) post the heats Best Lap Time of 48.600 seconds concluding the heat in 8:57.830 minutes with a lights to flag victory of 2.59 seconds ahead of the next kart home Jenson Parker (22) in P2. Jacob Heap (12) is the first of two X30s over the line with his best lap of 49.480 seconds.

Heat 2 Race 11

With both X30’s at the front brings P1 Jacob Heap (12), P2 Ben Jenkins (99), P3 for Jenson Parker (22) and Matthew Bonnett (71) with him on the second row. Bonnett (71) leaves straight for P1 in lap 1 moving Parker (22) and Edmundson (34) down a place each whilst Carter (52) and Jenkins (99) take a longer route. Laps 4 & 5 both Parker (22) and Bonnett (71) post identical lap times and Edmundson (34) drops off the pace by 4.92 seconds. In lap 8 Parker (22) regains his P1 start after a slower ninth lap from Bonnett (71) as Carter (52) has a mechanical failure and retires from the round. Bonnett (71) then proceeds to post the heats Best Lap Time of 48.820 seconds in his attempts get back on top. Chequered flag and the winner in P1 is Jenson Parker (22) concluding the heat in 9:01.900 minutes and well fought battle from Matthew Bonnett (71) in P2 only 0.06 seconds from his goal. X30 Jacob Heap (12) takes P1 for the X30’s in 9:13.940 minutes.

Jacob Heap - Mini X30
Jacob Heap – Mini X30

Heat 3 Race 18

Now with a grid of five karts and only the two P1 trophies for each class available the drivers line up as follows; X30s P1 Jacob Heap (12), P2 Ben Jenkins (99), with Max’s P1 Max Edmundson (34) and P2 Jenson Parker (22) on the row behind. By the end of the first lap Bonnett (71) has the lead ahead of Parker (22) maintains his stance in P2 and Edmundson (34) is now P3. Bonnett (71) dominates the race posting faster and faster lap times through to lap 7 where his only challenger Parker (22) is only 0.20 of a second off Bonnett (71)’s pace. After slow start with the X30’s Heap (12) lap times start to push past the Max of Edmundson (34) with a difference of 0.03 of a second. The 11th lap and final lap and again Matthew Bonnett (71) in 48.470 seconds posts the heats Best Lap Time as well as winning the heat by 1.94 seconds ahead of Jenson Parker (22) in P2. Jacob Heap (12)s takes his 3rd heat first with a completion time of 9:20.890 minutes with his best lap time of 49.270 seconds in lap 9.

FINAL Race 25

15 laps, two trophies and the five karts take their final grid places for this round. P1 Matthew Bonnett (71), P2 Jenson Parker (22) and P3 Max Edmundson (34) for Mini Max with Mini X30s Jacob Heap (12) and Ben Jenkins (99) running off the back. With no movement in the field the focus is on increasing speeds as Best Lap Time of the final is posted by Matthew Bonnett (71) with a 48.390 seconds lap. It’s only 0.11 of a second between the lap times of Bonnett (71) and Parker (22) at the end of lap 6 whilst Heap (12) and Edmundson (56) (34) are 0.14 seconds from each others pace. Bonnett (71) keeps the pressure on leader Parker (22) but it’s not enough and by 0.28 seconds in P1 Jenson Parker (22) claims this well fought for victory in 12:59.560 minutes, with MBM’s Matthew Bonnett (71) crossing the line in second place. Jacob Heap (12) claims the Mini X30 P1 trophy with a race completion time of 13:14.010 minutes.

Jenson Parker - Mini Max
Jenson Parker – Mini Max

Junior Max & Junior X30

Heat 1 Race 5

12 laps for the second mixed grid of the day with teams from S8Racing, ST Racing, Clan Racing, Fox Racing and Sabre Sport all providing competitors. This grid of 12 registered drivers should have consisted of 9 Junior X30’s and 3 Junior Max karts but with one X30 driver taking the day off, a DNS for Max kart no.36 and X30 kart no.74 the remaining drivers take their places for their first heat of the first round. As Clans Morgan Cole (74) was scheduled to start in pole position Joseph Beecroft (56) from his P2 start takes an instant lead followed by Arron Browne (46) to P2. S8Racing driver Jake Douglas (14) takes up the P3 spot left by Browne (46). Further down he running order 2016 LKRC Honda Cadet Championship Winner Jayjay Cook (27) and Jack Smith (83) also from S8Racing move up the pack. Onto lap 2 and X30 driver Charlotte Fox (5) bows out of the heat, Max driver; 2016 FESS P2 Championship Winner and the first ever recipient of the David Hoyle Memorial Trophy for Best Improved Sprint Driver, Travis Coyne (72) rises up to the empty slot in P7 with fellow Max driver Harvey Edmundson (56) who moves into P8.

Into lap 3 the X30 of Douglas (14) out runs Browne (46) by 0.93 seconds to claim P2. Race leader Beecroft (56) puts in his fastest lap of the race in lap 4 and then catastrophe catapults him back to P6 at the beginning of the next lap whilst Douglas (14) from his P6 start has made it to head of the pack with Cook (27) following up to P2. The next 3 laps and Douglas (14) and his teammate Cook (27) are practically matching lap times but theres no room for error as the top four are all less than a second apart. Penultimate lap and only 0.54 of a second in lap times divides the 7 of the 8 remaining karts and Max driver Harvey Edmundson (56) posts the heats Best Lap Time of 46.360 seconds trying to catch Coyne (72). Chequered flag is out and P1 goes to Jake Douglas (14) in a race completion time of 9:26.620 minutes with teammate JayJay Cook (27) tailing his every move to claim P2 by 0.17 of second from Douglas (14). Junior Max driver Travis Coyne (72) maintains his lead by 0.22 of second for the heat win in 9:45.050 minutes.

Heat 2 Race 12

Another 12 laps ahead for these gridded karts with X30s Jack Smith (83) in P1, Clan Racing driver Will Murdoch (93) next on P2 and the Max drivers Harvey Edmundson (56) and Travis Coyne (72) running off the back of the X30s. After some tyre warming warnings and the first lap “hairpin bend dance off “ the pack settles for the second lap with just 1.17 seconds difference in lap times from Smith (83) in P1 to the dazzlingly bright white body kit of Morgan Cole (74) in P10. Spoke too soon and Smith (83) falls from P1 passing Douglas (14) now in P1, Beecroft (56) in P2, Browne (46) in P3 and Cook (27) in P4 on their way up the line. Max’s Edmundson (56) and Coyne (72) are trying to out pace each other but Edmundson (56) holds the edge. From lap 4 the movement stops where determination and speed now sits and karts are posting laps well under 48 seconds to lap 8 where Smith (83) overtakes teammate Cook (27) for P4. Both putting in their fastest lap of heat Edmundson (56) still holds his lead from Coyne (72) in lap 10. Best Lap Time of the heat is posted in lap 11 by Joseph Beecroft (56) with 46.600 seconds as it’s not enough to catch Jake Douglas (14) who wins the heat in 9:22.960 minutes only 0.60 of second a head of Joseph Beecroft (56) in P2. Max driver Harvey Edmundson (56) wins the heat by 0.49 seconds with a completion time of 9:39.720 minutes.

Travis Coyne - Junior Max
Travis Coyne – Junior Max

Heat 3 Race 19

This grid of Juniors brings 2016 FESS-IKR P3 & LKRC- MSA P1 Championship Winner Charlotte Fox (5) to the front of the main stage with challenger Jayjay Cook (27) on P2 and Max drivers Harvey Edmundson (56) is gridded before Travis Coyne (72). First circuit of the track completed and Fox (5) cascades to P8 with all 7 X30s now ahead of her. At the end of the second lap Douglas (14) takes the lead with Beecroft (56) moving past Cook (27) for P2 whilst Smith (83) overtakes the slower kart of Morgan Cole (74) for P5. Lap 4 and Browne (46) puts in a successful challenge on Cook (27) for P3 whilst the lap times for the whole grid narrows to 0.75 of a second. The next lap Cole (74) drops back to P8 as Fox (5) and Murdoch (93) are the brisker karts. Meanwhile Max drivers Edmundson (56) and Coyne (72) switch places with Coyne (72) laying down a row of lap times under 47 seconds but for his third consecutive time in lap 7 the heats Best Lap Time comes from Harvey Edmundson (56) posting 46.430 seconds although Coyne (72) is not backing down. Fox (5) loses pace and Murdoch (93) picks up the difference in to P6. Laps 8-11 and the focus turns to getting on with the job at hand as the main karts laps times draw closer together as the top 3 X30s of Douglas (14), Beecroft (56) and Browne (46) are 0.33 of a second apart into the last lap. At 9:20.640 minutes Jake Douglas (14) calls time claiming his third heat for P1 with Joseph Beecroft (56) crossing the line for P2 0.60 of a second from P1 probably because Arron Browne (46) was only 0.14 of a second off claiming P2. Travis Coyne (72) is the first Max over the line in 9:40.260 minutes.

FINAL Race 26

A 17 lap decision maker to claim one of three podium places across the classes and hard earned P1 & 2 for Jake Douglas (14) and Arron Browne (46). Travis Coyne (72) and Harvey Edmundson (56) line up at rear of the grid. This final emphasised the definition concentration with very little movement in the line up. Lap 1 movers are Beecroft (56) up one to P2, Cook (27) drops from P4 3 positions whilst Coyne (72) and Edmundson (56) switch pace and places up to end of the second lap with Edmundson (56) on top. Gaining momentum from the previous lap, Coyne (72) overtakes Edmundson in lap 8. Its the eleventh lap and the leaders are to close to call as Douglas (14) is under serious pressure from Beecroft (56) but Browne (46) picks his time and takes back P2. Cole (74) sneaks up on Cook (27) for P7 in lap 13 and Coyne (72) passes Cook (27) on his way to the last lap board. Arron Browne (46) with 46.280 seconds posts the final Best Lap Time in lap 14. Chequered flag is out for S8Racings driver Jake Douglas (14) making it four wins in a row with a race completion time of 13:15.140 minutes with Arron Browne (46) and a blink and you’ll miss it 0.03 of second from Douglas (14) while Travis Coyne (72) wins the final for Junior Max in 13:28.130 minutes

Jake Douglas - Junior X30
Jake Douglas – Junior X30

Junior TKM

Heat 1 Race 6

On their first heat at the 2017 MSA Championship, 2016 FESS-IKR P2 & 3 Winners Scott McIntyre (35) and Byron Brown (77) line up in P1 & 2 for this 11 lap heat. The initial lap brings the only change in the line up with the faster pace of Thomas Shaw (42) overtakes Harry Nunn (61) for P3 and McIntyre (35) leaves the rest of the field where the drivers in P2-4 fluctuate been pace but spread out to five individual races. Best Lap Time is posted by Scott McIntyre (35) in 47.920 seconds on lap 7 who goes on to take P1 with a race completion time of 8:47.490 minutes, P2 for Byron Brown (77) 17.9 seconds from McIntyre (35). Penalties – Nunn (61) +10 seconds for an incorrectly positioned front fairing.

Heat 2 Race 13

12 laps for the second go of catching Sam Jenkins Motorsports Scott McIntyre (35) with Harry Nunn (61) at the front and P2 for Ash Turner (20). Again it’s the first lap that brings the heats changes in the line up. Thomas Shaw (42) heads straight into P3 whilst McIntyre (35) calmly takes the lead. Nunn (61) and Shaw (42) are the closest challenging karts as Shaw (42) tries to match Nunn (61)s lap times whilst Byron Brown (77) gets his laps down to below the 50 second mark in lap 8 nearly matching Shaw (42). The penultimate lap and the heats Best Lap Time is posted by Scott McIntyre (35) at 47.700 seconds as he continues his journey to take his second heat win in 9:34.580 minutes with closest contender is Harry Nunn (61) in P2 with a difference of 17.91 seconds.

Abbi Pulling was present during Saturday Practice
Abbi Pulling was present during Saturday Practice

Heat 3 Race 20

Ash Turner (20) heads up the grid in P1, with P2 for Harry Nunn (61). Lap 1 completed and Turner (20) switches places McIntyre (35) for P3. Turner (20), Shaw (42) and Brown (77) are all around the same pace through to lap 8 where Scott McIntyre (35) in 47.660 seconds puts down fast lap of the heat. Lap 10 and Brown (77) eases up and leaves Nunn (61), Turner (20) and Shaw (42) racing. With his third lights to flag victory heat winner Scott McIntyre (35) completes the race in 9:33.770 minutes, the second kart home with a gap of 14.86 seconds in P2 is Harry Nunn (61).

FINAL Race 27

With 17 laps 1st & 2nd place and 1st Novice trophies available to this class Scott McIntyre (35) is first kart in the row, P2 for Harry Nunn (61) and in P3 Thomas Shaw (42). Lights go green on the first MSA Junior TKM final of the season. Both Turner (20) and Brown (77) match lap times at the end of the first lap but Turner (20)s leaves the reservation and clocks up a 2 minute second lap. No one can catch the might of McIntyre (35) as he posts the finals Best Lap Time of 47.760 seconds in lap 9 and with an outstanding lead of 19.21 Scott McIntyre (35) makes it 4 out of 4 wins for P1 in 13:33.840 minutes, Harry Nunn (61) takes the second step on the podium with third kart over the line winning the 1st Novice trophy was Thomas Shaw (42).

Byron Brown - Junior TKM
Byron Brown – Junior TKM

250 National & KZ125

Heat 1 Race 7

As the gearbox karts line up brings a grid of welcomed returners to Fulbeck with five 250 Nationals and just the one KZ125 heat one gets underway. Max Snell takes an instant lead ahead of Jason Tucker, while Tim Woods overtakes Ron Stamp and starts his ascent to catch Snell and in lap 3 Woods makes his move on the slower kart of Tucker for P2. Lap 5 sees Stamp step out of the running Jack Bliss and KZ driver Joe Charlton move up into P4 & 5. Lap 11 and Tim Woods in 40.050 seconds post the heats Best Lap Time but it’s not enough to close the gap and Max Snell takes the hit win in 8:10.220 minutes and 1.69 seconds ahead of second kart over the line Tim Woods.

Heat 2 Race 14

Winter cobwebs shook off P1 greets Tim Woods and MK Racings KZ125 driver Joe Charlton hangs out on P6. With 8 laps of drama Jack Bliss finds P2 and the drops to the back of grid for the end of lap 6, Jason Tucker hits P3 then drops to P5 but weaves his way around Max Snell to reach P2 but Snell applies pressure to the pedal and Tucker has to settle for P3. 2016 P2 LKRCMSA winner Ron Stamp descends to the fifth kart on the grid. Lap 10 and the heats Best Lap Time is posted by Tim Woods with a 40.040 second lap. Woods success continues with winning the heat in 8:09.130 minutes 9.64 seconds ahead of Max Snell in P2

Joe Charlton - KZ125
Joe Charlton – KZ125

Heat 3 Race 21

With the all important grid positions for the final on the table P1 holds Ron Stamp and Tim Woods in P2. The first lap completed and Woods takes the lead with both Snell and Bliss gaining a place as Tucker drops two places. Lap 2 and Woods remains in P1 as Snell moves in to P2 and Stamp down to P3. Lap 3 is Bliss’s turn to pass the descending Stamp for P3. Lap 4 Bliss continues his upward momentum with and out paces Snell for P2 and Ron Stamp steps out of the running followed by Jason Tucker in the next lap. This four kart heat now sees their paces quicken to 0.30 of a second between them. Best Lap Time of the heat is posted by Max Snell at 39.840 seconds in penultimate lap but its Tim Woods who goes on to claim his second heat win with a race completion time of 8:11.920 minutes followed by P2 heat winner Jack Bliss with a difference of 0.44 of a second.

FINAL Race 28

13 laps for the final race of the day in Round 1 doesn’t bring Jason Tucker so the grid is down to four contenders for the 1st & 2nd place trophies. Tim Woods is on the back of Max Snell throughout this final. Ron Stamp leaves the racing after lap 5 and Jack Bliss doesn’t recover from his poor first lap so both Snell and Woods are left to decide which one of them gets the top step. Tim Woods drops in the finals Best Lap Time of 39.840 seconds in lap 6 but Snell isn’t going to let that phase him and holds firm to P1. The chequered flag comes out for Round 1 Winner Max Snell with a race completion time of 8:53.330 minutes with tenacious challenger Tim Woods with and a gap of only 0.49 of a second claiming the second trophy.

Max Snell - 250 National
Max Snell – 250 National

Lincolnshire Kart Racing Club- Fulbeck MSA 2017 – Round 2 &

Northern Karting Federation with ABkC Super 4 – Round 1


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HEAT 1 – ABkC S4 250 Nationals & KZ UK



LKRC, NKF & ABkC S4 250 Nationals & KZ UK


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