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RLK Formula 270 Round 5 Report

RLK Formula 270 Round 5 Report

At the half way point in the championship the racing gets turned on its head at Red Lodge as the circuit is run in reverse, which is actually the traditional clockwise direction. This makes Round 5 particularly challenging in the hot and humid conditions. The random grids always make it interesting mixing the differences in weight and abilities of the 22 drivers attending. Heat 1 of 5 saw a chaotic start with everyone swapping places with Andy Cornish muscling his way into the lead with Jake Taplin for company. Jack Reid led the rest of the field with Richard Kemp hoping to make a pass, which he eventually did on lap 6 in pursuit of the front two. Jake kept Andy on it to the flag but unable to take the lead finishing less than 0.2 seconds behind and Kemp a further 2 seconds in 3rd.

Heat 2 was a little more sedate with most of the action happening in the midfield where 3 into one didn’t go. James Oakley ended. up in the tyres and needed rescuing with Jono Holland being deemed the culprit for the crash and receiving a 10 point penalty. Will Gibbs was unchallenged in the lead with James Rose and Jake Taplin swapping places in second and third. However it was Jame’s turn to finish second this time around, catching Will towards then end for a close finish, Jake settling for 3rd 5 seconds behind.

Will Gibbs didn’t have it as easy in this heat staying midfield while the positions swapped around him, but after everyone had settled down he had managed to pick off the pack and was in the lead by lap 6. Charlie Pickering had been at the front until then and now slotted into second position. Aaron Lask who had missed his first heat was keeping himself in to top 3 and secured himself a podium with 3rd.


The random grid for Heat 4 chucked out an interesting grid with the front made up of mostly 90kg drivers, plus the reigning F270 Champion Lewis Nurse returning for a one off race. However it was Jake Taplin who had picked up a 3rd and 2nd in the last heats desperate to complete the hat-trick and finish in first place, pushing James Rose who was leading down to second. However Lewis wasn’t going to go easy on him and denied him another second place and having to settle with third.

In Heat 5 it was a relatively clean start with the field being lead by Charlie Pickering, pursued by Jono Holland. On lap 2 however as Holland made a pass on the straight he was forced off the track by Pickering and fell down to 7th – Karma for his collision with Oalkey in Heat 2 maybe. This made way for Aaron Lask to capitalise on some points and pursue Ash Connor who was leading the field into second place. James Rose also in hot pursuit of the win then did the same a lap later and demoted Ash into third but unable to make the pass on Aaron who took the win.

Overall this meant Jake Taplin took the win from Will Gibbs even though they were joint on 102 points, with Jake having the fastest lap. James Rose lined up in 3rd just 2 points behind. Andy Cornish won the 80kg and Jason Aviles won the 90kg group. In the championship the top 3 have jumbled up with Jake Taplin leading from Will Gibbs and Aaron Lask, who has dropped to third.

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