RLK Formula 270 Round 9 Report

The penultimate round of Formula 270 started in complete darkness thanks to the end of daylight saving, but an unusually mild day kept the temperatures just into the double figures. A rather light field of just 18 drivers started the night, however this allowed both lightweights and heavies on the track together, separated by a 30 second staggered start of random grids over 18 laps. The extra five laps and a full field of karts would make for a congested track, meaning the ideal weather for fast lap times could be hindered by traffic. 

In the first Heat Ash Connor started on pole with Aaron Lask hoping to clinch the title with a round to spare, behind him. Wasting no time Aaron grabbed the lead on lap 1 with Josh Adams and Jake Taplin making their way to the front a lap later. However Jake couldn’t make the move on Ash who defended 3rd place. Bob Willis was making good progress from the back of the grid and muscled his way to the front of the pack – however Ash held on to 3rd by just 0.1 seconds. The lap times were well into the low 52s with eventual winner Aaron and second place man Josh setting exactly the same fastest lap of the heat 4 laps apart, half a second faster than the last round. 

In the Heavies it was David Lask on pole with Jono Holland lined up in second. Jono with a generous 10kg advantage was off the line quicker than David, but being on the outside was out of position for the first left hander. Paul Turland and Andy Cornish were off the line quicker than their 90kg counterparts but Charlie Tatum in 3rd was preventing them from making any further progress up the road. David and Jono pulled a fairly safe 3 second gap from the chasing pack and Jono tried everything he could to slip up the inside of David but to no avail. David Lask took his first heat win of the year, with Jono Holland second and the defensive tactics of Charlie Tatum helped him to secure third. 

Heat 2 saw Aaron Lask starting at their back of the grid and Josh Adams on pole, However Jake Taplin and James Rose were able to deny Josh the advantage and demote him to 3rd. Aaron Lask was making his was through the field with George Parker in tow who was hoping to get a better result in this heat by leapfrogging Aaron and John Padley on lap 5 for 4th. Two laps later he had managed to catch and pass Josh. George kept up the progress by catching James in 2nd on lap 9, however this time it wouldn’t be so easy and two laps later James retook 2nd place, although now a second behind Jake in the lead. George looked like he was going to make it into 3rd but on the penultimately lap a watchful Josh passed for third place leaving George to settle for 4th, albeit ahead of Aaron in 5th. However it wasn’t all lost as George Parker set a new lap record for the series at 51 seconds exactly, more than half a second faster than the winner. 

For the heavies Paul Turland started on pole and took the advantage at the the start with Andy Cornish making his way into second in pursuit. James Oakley fed through the rest of the pack to lead the chase in 3rd from Rafal Wolski and Jono Holland, before contact demoted them both to the back of the grid. Not wanting to take a penalty Jono relinquished the place to Rafal but in doing so had meant the lightweights were starting to catch up. The blue flags then came out and the slower heavies started to slip further away from the top 3. With just 5 laps to go Andy made his move on Paul and into the lead with James Oakley in 3rd. Charlie Tatum finished 4th with the rest of the heavies being a lap down to the rest of the field. 

For the final heat George Parker had the advantage of a front row start along side pole sitter Ethan Hall. On lap 1 he was into the lead but Aaron Lask starting towards the back was already into second place by lap 2. By the half way point Aaron had cut George’s advantage down to less than a second with a safety margin of 3 seconds behind Jake Taplin in third. However George was just too fast this time and held on to the lead from Aaron with less than a quarter of a second between them. Jake had gotten a second closer but couldn’t close in on those last 2 seconds whilst keeping an eye on the very fast James Rose behind him in 4th. 

The heavies started with James Oakley on Pole with Andy Cornish alongside him, both keen to take the maximum points they could to cement their position as category leaders. This left Mathew Hall leading the rest of the pack with David Lask poised to pounce which he successfully did on lap 3 to take third place. This left Jono Holland to try and do the same, and although faster was unable to sneak by. It looked like it was never going to happen with 3 laps to go, and a wide lunge at the fast left handed of the Esses ensured it wouldn’t as Jono dropped a tyre onto the grass and pirouetted into last place. It finished with James Oakley beating Andy Cornish in second and David Lask finishing a very successful round in 3rd. 

On the night Aaron Lask got the lightweight win with 100 points from Jake Taplin in second with 97. One point behind him was Josh Adams on his second ever F270 round who himself was just one point ahead of 4th man James Rose. In the 80kg category it was another dominant victory for Andy Cornish with 101 points. Paul Turland took 2nd with 93 and Jono Holland taking 3rd place, level on points with Mathew Hall but Jono clinching the trophy due to setting the fastest lap in Heat 1. In the 90kg James Oakley beat David Lask by just one point with Charlie Tatum taking the 3rd spot. 

In the Championship this confirmed Aaron Lask as the Overall and Lightweight Champion for 2017. The last round already confirmed Andy Cornish as the 80kg Champion and now James Oakley was confirmed as the 90kg Champion. However, none of the categories have confirmed runner up spots with George Parker 2nd and Jake Taplin 3rd in the lightweights, Paul Turland 2nd and Jono Holland 3rd in the 80kg and David Lask 2nd to Charlie Tatum 3rd in the 90kg. And for added drama the final round of the series will be run with the circuit backwards! 

Images by Janet Taplin

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