SHENINGTON 18th January 2015

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The 130 drivers were lucky to find the track free of ice on Sunday morning, and it dried out to enable slick tyres to be used from the second heats. Amongst the large IAME Cadet field Finlay Bunce and Lorcan Hanafin sped clear of Thomas Smith, all the while swapping places until the penultimate lap when Bunce regained the front and held on for the win. Jamie Mead lost fourth to Owen Marlow but regained fih over Mahew Hunt by the chequer flag.

The Honda Cadet final was one of the best of the day with numerous lead changes between Klaas Kooiker, Alex Eades, Caden McQueen and Guy Cunnington in a train of karts. O’Sullivan made a break but was quickly reeled in by McQueen and Eades whilst Kooiker fell to sixth. Eades then just edged the win over O’Sullivan with McQueen having to sele for third.

Joseph Reeves-Smith made a last lap bid for Junior TKM victory in the chicane, but Mahew Round-Garrido blocked the move to win, the foiled pass allowing Mahew Taylor to slip into second place. Earlier there had been a tremendous tussle between Round-Garrido and Taylor trading the lead but all the time Reeves-Smith was creeping up on them. As he closed them down and took Taylor for second on the penultimate lap, Round- Garrido fought hard and successfully to retain his lead.

In the MiniMax final Thomas Edmunds closed down the baling Rufus Hunt and Tommy Foster and managed to split them for second. That move just gave Hunt enough of a cushion to narrowly take the win. In Junior Max Kieran Wragg headed the field into the first lap but was challenged hard by Manuel Maldonado who is the nephew of the Lotus Formula 1 driver. James White and Mahew Armstrong tangled at the second corner, the laer going no further. Alex Pendlebury arrowed into the lead at Park Corner, but Wragg soon had it back. But Wragg was hung out to dry, falling to third but regaining second from Maldonado at the last corner whilst Pendlebury took the win.

In the concurrent Junior X30 final Tom Douglas soon recovered from running wide at the first corner, disposing of Alex Spinks and pulling a 7s gap. Jack Ransom was in a class of his own in the senior TKM Extreme final, quickly opening what would become 9s lead over Jack Griffiths. The gap opened on the first lap as Gary Fowler lost his initial second place in favour of Griffiths whilst Luca Proiei spun followed into retirement later by James Lawrence.

In the TKM Clubman economy class David Turton quickly leapfrogged Colin Morris for the lead but Michael Green put them both behind him. Turton was forced into retirement whilst running second, leaving Morris to take second some 4s behind Green whilst the other local driver Eddie Mawle was tenth. Longfield had a good pass in the chicane over Banbury’s Kyle Morby to claim third. Sco Allen enjoyed a tremendous tussle with Henry Easthope in the 90mph KZ UK geared class, the former World Champion Easthope seing the initial pace. They traded the lead three or four times and with Sco defending on the last lap, they both ran wide leing Dan Kelly slip through for the win.

In the 250 National final Ross Allen was forced into retirement from the lead, leaving Max Buckley to enjoy the honours over Mahew Sco and Steve Weatherhead.


Honda Cadet
1 Alex Eades Project One
2 Zak O’Sullivan Project One 3 Caden McQueen Zip
Junior X30 1 Tom Douglas ART
2 Alex Spinks Tonykart 3 Ryan Conde Tonykart
IAME Cadet 1 Finlay Bunce Zip
2 Lorcan Hanafin Zip
3 Thomas Smith Synergy
TKM Extreme 1 Jack Ransom Alonso 2 Jack Griffiths Jade
3 Josh Waring ARC
Junior TKM 1 Mahew Round-Garrido Jade 2 Mahew Taylor Tonykart
3 Joseph Reeves-Smith Jade
TKM Clubman 1 Michael Green Tonykart 2 Colin Morris ARC
3 Tom Longfield Jade
MiniMax Junior Max 1 Rufus Hunt Tonykart
2 Thomas Edmunds Tonykart 3 Tommy Foster Tonykart
MiniMax 1 Alex Pendlebury Exprit
2 Kieran Wragg Tonykart
3 Manuel Maldonado Tonykart
KZ UK 1 Dan Kelly Sodi/TM
2 Sco Allen Gold/IAME
3 Henry Easthope Sodi/TM
250 National 1 Max Buckley Jade/Honda
2 Mahew Sco Jade/Honda
3 Steve Weatherhead Jade/Honda

CUMBRIA (CKRC) Christmas Fun Round, 14th December 2014