Shenington Club Championship Round 5


Blessed with good weather and lots of track time (near 40 minutes) there was some great racing and a welcome to the Max 177 drivers.

For the youngest drivers in Honda Cadet, Zak Oates had been quick to relieve Lewis Foster of the lead whilst Samuel Baker and Robert Boucher spun towards the back.

A bit of bumping and boring in the chicane amongst the lead group let Oates escape then Foster came off at the first hairpin dropping many places in favour of Thomas Mills. The la?er reeled in Oates but could not find any chink in his armour, although the pair dropped Oliver Hood and Jake Robertson. The other IAME Cadet class, the 2-strokes, was stopped on the first lap to a?end an incident between Armandas Pocevicius and Aydan Hassan. When it resumed it resulted in a huge ba?le between eventual winner Caden McQueen, Leonardo Panayiotou and Owen Johnson.

They all had turns in the lead but McQueen was in front when it matt?ered whilst Panayiotou came storming back to second having been earlier demoted to fourth. Rufus Hunt made the MiniMax win look easy, drawing a near eight second lead
over the fight for second. Thomas Edmunds and Jack Deakin swapped the place five times before Deakin crossed the finish in front, only to be penalised five places for an unfair move. That elevated Bradley Stevens to third with Ma?hew Biry not far behind. Kyle Connolly and Ryan Conde energetically traded the Junior X30 lead until Conde dropped into retirement with a couple of laps still to run, leaving Charlie Webster to make a late but unsuccessful challenge on Connolly.

The Junior Max race was also stopped on the first lap to upturn James White’s kart. He and Jack Brookes had been fighting for the same patch of tarmac.

Kieran Wragg controlled the race, upping his pace to thwart the approaching Harry Wilmot whilst Brookes made it to third. Jordan-Lee Chapman led the first part of the large Junior TKM contingent, then Ma?hew Round-Garrido found a gap in his defence and pounced.

Once ahead he kept very tight lines, not offering any opportunities for those behind, Ma?hew Taylor, Sam Fowler and Joshua Sheriff queuing behind Chapman.

James Pashley had been picking off karts to reach sixth but his Banbury compatriot Roman Haske? put a move on him in the chicane on the last lap. David Baldwin and Dan Kelly had ba?led all through the KZ UK heats reaching 90mph, and to begin with in the final it was Kelly ahead. But Baldwin inched closer to make a good move for the win.

James Moorcro? relieved Lee Hasler of third whilst Hannah Lang took fourth despite a DNF in a heat. In the 250 National class Richard Morris leapfrogged Max Buckley for the lead only to be forced to retire with a missing top to the spark plug. That le? Buckley well clear of Aaron Powell and Mark Pask.

A small grid of TKM Extreme went off ahead of the much larger TKM Clubman economy class. Ma?hew Haughton led Extreme initially, then Kye Springfield took over but Haughton took the win with a late move.

In Clubman a very close ba?le found Max Goldsmith taking the lead from Tom Longfield some four laps in. However Goldsmith was relegated to third and had to watch Longfield and Colin Morris trade the lead whilst himself fighting off Dave Brickley.

The la?er had taken Goldsmith but was hung out to dry at the first hairpin, finishing only tenth. Goldsmith did momentarily regain second then Morris took the place back, with Kyle Morby following in fourth.

Rayaan Williams was never headed in Rotax Senior Max, puTT?ing over eight seconds gap on Oliver Aston-Hide. In the big Max 177 contingent for the heavier drivers Michael Pugh had li?le trouble keeping a safe gap on Sco? Clee and Rob Molloy. Gary Cox’s engine stopped a?er the first lap.Untitled 3 Untitled 4