Shenington Kart Racing Club 2018 Round 2 Report

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18th February 2018

With the January meeting cancelled due to snow, this event attracted 200 drivers from all over the UK. Both Cadet categories needed last chance B Finals to finalise the A Final grid, the entries were so large.

In the IAME 2-strokes Aiden Neate and Luke Watts set the initial pace, swapping the lead position. All the time Maxwell Dodds was working his way through from a ninth place start and when Watts was deposed by Vinnie Phillips from first to fourth, Dodds reached second. Dodds then reached the front at the Stratford hairpin before a final flurry of exchanges when Watts regained the lead. Dodds had fallen to third but arrowed into the win at the last corner over Watts and Phillips.

In the Honda 4-stroke category Mitchell Gibbons held station at the front of Daryl Taylor and Mikhal Singh for half the race. Singh tried to pass Taylor in the chicane but was thwarted and in the confusion Singh shot up the bank and the following Alistair Cresswell spun. They both recovered but well down leaving Edward Pearson in second and successfully challenging Gibbons for the win, Gibbons dropping to third behind Daniel Parrans-Smith.

In the Junior TKM Zak Oates was hounded throughout by Spencer Stevenson, the latter trying to make his move with a couple of laps to run. Side by side through the chicane, Stevenson’s challenge was thwarted leaving Oates to cruise to the win. Thomas Shaw and Jack Nicholson were in lonely third and fourth places whilst Oliver Richardson escaped from the next bunch for fifth. Dan McKeown was seventh.

There was a cracking race for Junior X30 with many lead changes between initial leader Joseph Taylor, Luke Whitehead and Caden McQueen with Alexander Walker in the mix. But Whitehead retired to the pits leaving the others to fight whereupon Taylor regained the lead at the last corner to win over Shane White, McQueen, Nelson King and Walker.

Charlie Vaughan crept up on long time leader Joshua McLean in Mini X30 and a three times lead exchange at the end had McLean just winning with Jessica Edgar third.

Joshua Sherriff led the pack off the start of TKM Extreme until Al Paterson took the lead but Sam Fowler was leapfrogging to the front from his lowly grid 9 start. Once established in front Fowler held the place to the chequer with some judicious defence. The locally based pair of Joseph Reeves-Smith and James Pashley were sitting in fifth and sixth with Pashley briefly ahead but Reeves-Smith put on a spurt to not only regain the place but arrow into second by taking Paterson at the first hairpin. Pashley had to settle for a disappointed seventh behind Joe Fowler and Sherriff whilst Alex Rees had taken fourth.

In the Formula Libre class for TKM Clubman Chris Chater swiftly went into the lead having swiftly taken Will Hulaki and Clive Carpenter. Halfway through Hulacki managed to regain the lead with Chater falling to third behind Carpenter. But as the X30 leaders lapped the Clubmen, Carpenter lost impetus allowing Chater to grab second and hold on to the end. Alan Smith took fourth.

In that concurrent X30 Senior category Sean Butcher enjoyed a lights to flag victory despite the close attention of Matthew Biry. Alex Huang from Singapore fell back from third in favour of Piers Prior but was still 6s in arrears to the leaders, Butcher winning by a mere 0.09s.

Report By Graham Smith

Photography by TSR Productions


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