Shenington Kart Racing Club Round 8 Report

21st August 2016 

Many of the 183 drivers for the August club meeting were taking in some practice for the British and National championships coming in September, boosting numbers.   Honda Cadet was the biggest class, needing a full B Final with several reserves on the list.  It was also a round of the Midland Rotax interclub championship.  Sunday race day was mostly dry up to the last couple of finals, the rain deciding to fall again just after the gearbox drivers went out on track.

GP plated Dexter Patterson had Finlay Bunce on his tail in MiniMax and when Bunce opened the door at Café corner for the lead, Patterson fell to seventh.  But Jenson Butterfield sliced past Bunce at the first hairpin, Klaas Kooiker soon following on and then demoting both to pick up the lead.  Butterfield tried to regain the lead at the first corner but was hung out to dry and momentarily fell to third.  In the last lap sort out with six karts involved Lorcan Hanafin won through, over Butterfield, Bunce and Kooiker. 


Jonathan Hoggard, Joe Turney and William Pettitt scrapped hard for the Junior Max win with many lead swaps especially between Hoggard and Turney.  Turney was ahead going into the last lap and held on for first over the line but then penalised 10s for a driving offence. That elevated Rory Hudson to the win over Tommy Foster, with Pettitt also penalised for pushing Hoggard off in the chicane on the last lap  That elevated Thomas Edmunds to third from Jenson Brown. 


In Junior TKM Adam Sparrow shot off at the start from Joe Taylor, William Layton and Ian Sisson but Taylor retired and Joshua Sherriff leapfrogged to second, whilst Sisson passed Layton.  Sherriff pulled in Sparrow for an entertaining tussle for the lead, eventually Sparrow regaining the top position.  Layton meanwhile had the better of Sisson for third.


Lorenzo Kordal and Leonardo Panayiotou surged clear of the rest in IAME Cadet as AJ Arnold dipped out of second.  Then he lost more places running wide on the exit of Café.    Kordal and Panayiotou ran unchanged to the flag, whilst Maximus Hall fell into the clutches of Jack Williams who once through attempted in vain to close down the lead duo.  Hall was very pleased to regain third from Aston Millar.


A massive entry of Honda Cadets needed a full B Final last chance race to sort out the A Final grid where a light rain shower and a red flag stoppage enlivened procedures.  At the restart Oliver Bearman and Alex Eades displaced leader Caden McQueen at the first hairpin.  Then they managed to drop Wesley Mason and run clear to the chequer.  Caden McQueen lost a lot of places from fourth but managed to retrieve sixth at the flag, behind Dylan Cooper and Archie Swinscoe. 


Luke Whitehead was almost in a class of his own for Junior X30, Harry Restall the nearest after clearing Billy Matlock. Robert Welham pipped Matthew Herbert for fourth on the last lap and Ross Woodford did Joshua Martin.


In TKM Clubman a massive grid of TKM Extreme was immediately followed by the budget TKM Clubman class, with Chris Dymond immediately mixing it amongst the Extreme mid pack.  That made it hard for André Marot to get on terms once he had battled by Luke Bourne and James Cayzer for second.  Graham Stewart was eager to follow, and made fourth place. 


In the Extreme class local driver Max Goldsmith was off to a good start leading Matthew Haughton, fourth seed Kyle Sproat and Welsh champion Ryan Edwards.  But Goldsmith gradually drifted backwards to end in ninth.  Sproat had spent a long time in the lead until hung out to dry, Lewis Wadley taking over.  Haughton snatched the win with a pass on the penultimate lap over Wadley, Sproat and Edwards. 


James Johnston won Rotax Max, after Harrison Thomas failed to finish during another light rain shower.  Will Shaw and Kit Brough joined Johnston on the podium.  

Returnee Malcolm Smith won KZ UK 125 Gearbox class after a ten year layoff from racing in only his third race back.  Conditions were very tricky as all the karts were on slicks when the rain returned at the end of the day.  Tom Longfield had taken the lead off the start but spun at the last corner letting Smith through.  He recovered in front of Hannah Lang and after a bit of a battle she came through for second some five seconds behind the winner. 


In 250 National Aaron Powell had made the right decision to mount wet weather tyres to lap the field, James Hassall the runner up.  Richard Morris was annoyed to spin and lose time. 




1 Lorcan Hanafin (Tonykart); 2 Jenson Butterfield (Tonykart); 3 Finlay Bunce (Tonykart).

Junior Max

1 Rory Hudson (OTK); 2 Tommy Foster (Tonykart); 3 Thomas Edmunds (Kosmic).

Junior TKM

1 Adam Sparrow (Tal-Ko); 2 Joshua Sherriff (Tal-Ko); 3 William Layton (Tonykart).

IAME Cadet

1 Lorenzo Kordal (Zip); 2 Leonardo Panayiotou (Zip); 3 Jack Williams (Zip).

Honda Cadet

1 Oliver Bearman (Project One); 2 Alex Eades (Synergy); 3 Wesley Mason (Project One).

Junior X30

1 Luke Whitehead (Fullerton); 2 Harry Restall (Tonykart); 3 Billy Mattock (Kosmic).

TKM Clubman

1 Chris Dymond (Jade); 2 André Marot (Jade); 3 James Cayzer (Jade).

TKM Extreme

1 Matthew Haughton (Tonykart); 2 Lewis Wadley (Tonykart); 3 Kyle Sproat (Tonykart).

Rotax Max

1 James Johnson (Tonykart); 2 Will Shaw (Tonykart); 3 Kit Brough (tba).


1 Malcolm Smith (Gold/IAME); 2 Hannah Lang (Tonykart/Vortex); 3 Tom Longfield (Ricciardo/TM).

250 National

1 Aaron Powell (Jade/Honda); 2 James Hassall (Jade/Honda); 3 Richard Morris (Jade/Honda).

Report and images courtesy of Graham Smith

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