Shenington Kart Racing Report Round 11

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Shenington Kart Racing Report Round 11, 29 October 2017

With many on holiday the entry was a little subdued on normal, and no gearbox racing this time.  The sun shone all afternoon, albeit with a cold wind and with darkness descending earlier everything was finished by 4pm.  Joseph Reeves-Smith and James Pashley repeated their success of two weeks ago with victories in TKM Extreme and Junior TKM respectively, their fights no easier.


Honda Cadet was the largest class  where Archie Walker picked up the lead on the opening lap over Connor Clifford, Kean Berta and Antonis Sofroniou.  The latter came off coming into Café corner whilst Lorenzo Kordal joined in the lead battle.  Meanwhile Clifford had taken up the lead, Walker dropping to fourth but working his way back to the front.  Berta was next into the lead but he and Clifford had a coming together in the chicane on the last lap allowing Kordal to capitalise and slip past both for the win over Roman Bilinski, Berta and Walker.

In Junior X30 Will Layton vaulted into the lead over Caleb Marshall and Zak Bowen, holding them off for a few laps.  This developed into Layton having a massive fight with both Bowen and Marshall, all three taking turns to lead.  Marshall recovered from third to win over Teddy Pritchard-Willams whilst Layton slipped behind Jonathan Robertson only to be disqualified for driving in a manner incompatible with general safety.

The IAME Cadet class was brought to a premature halt when Daniel Dudfield crashed in the chicane.  Before that Luke Watts made a great start by taking both Bradley Beavers and Joe Sheppy and was thereafter never headed.  Sheppy was soon ahead of Beavers, these two fighting for supremacy in the club championship.

Joseph Reeves-Smith sliced into the TKM Extreme lead over Josh Sherriff at the first hairpin and initially stretched a small lead over Sherriff who was destined for retirement.  That left Chris Goffin leading the charge but by the flag he was usurped by Luke Ogden.  Reeves-Smith had to defend hard against both, the winning margin being 0.26s.

In the Junior TKM category Pashley is fighting for the club championship against Zak Taylor and Zak Oates with one round remaining.  Pashley swooped past both Oates and Dan McKeown on the opening lap but Taylor leapfrogged McKeown for third.  Taylor’s pace took him into the lead and McKeown lost touch with the lead trio.  A super move into the first hairpin clinched victory for Pashley with Oates following.

Jack Salmon took honours in the MinX class, whilst Callum Tanner worked his way past Michael Davey and Jake Robertson for second.  Chris Chater led the TKM Clubman economy class until Suk Sandher sliced underneath at Park corner on his second attempt, the first strongly rebuffed.  As Sandher stretched out a lead of 7s, Chater fell victim to Chris Yates, the pair trading second until Yates came off at the Stratford hairpin. Chater then just managed to hold off Clive Carpenter for second.

Report By Graham Smith

Photography by TSR Productions

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