Shenington Kart Racing Report Round 9 & MSA IAME X30 E Plate

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Shenington Kart Racing Report Round 9 & MSA IAME X30 E Plate 17 September 2017

Matthew Graham and Alessandro Ceronetti, both local drivers, took the senior and junior honours respectively as Shenington hosted the IAME X30 English Open Championships, the E Plate.  They both won free entries to the IAME International Finals to be held at Le Mans on 15th October.  Amongst a total entry over 170, the morning was overcast but the sun appeared in the afternoon.  The day’s racing was punctuated by a number of red flags for various reasons.

Matthew Graham set off in third place in the X30 Senior final, watching as Macaulay Walsh and Sam Stansbury vied for the lead.  Seeing a chance for himself he was briefly leading before being pushed wide out of the Stratford hairpin and falling back to third.  Stansbury then got the upper hand but Walsh once more regained first.  Rob Wheldon reached fourth but was squeezed wide in the chicane and lost four places. His drop favoured the charging Piers Prior, grabbing fourth. A big last lap sort out gave Graham his chance to win, followed by Owen Byatt and Stansbury as Walsh fell to fifth.

In the Junior final Caden McQueen led Will Layton and Ceronetti, until Ceronetti leapfrogged into the lead putting McQueen third.  McQueen was soon back to second, then took the lead as Ceronetti dropped to third albeit swiftly vaulting back to first.   Ceronetti and McQueen had pulled clear of the rest until Zak Bowen came to third and led the charge to close the gap.  A swift move put Bowen into second but Ceronetti came back through, Bowen then briefly regaining second from McQueen at Café Corner.  Ceronetti held on to the lead from McQueen and Bowen with Layton haven fallen behind Kaleb Marshall.

The Honda Cadet final was punctuated by an early red flag stoppage but once underway again Lorenzo Kordal, Daryl Tayfor and Connor Clifford swapped the lead dropping Nathan Clifford a few kart lengths back.  Teddy Thomas had been running up to tenth but an incident dropped him a lap.  Later Mikhail Singh was excluded.  Going three abreast into Café Corner on the last lap Taylor came out ahead for the win, following by Connor Clifford and Kordal.

Jude Fernhough took the MiniX win despite having to wrest the lead back from Bowen Morris-Kent whilst Jack Salmon was disappointed to have a spin on the first lap.  He got back to fourth behind novice Charlie Thompson.

James Pashley led much of the Junior TKM final although twice having to regain the lead from Zak Taylor.  As the race wound down Lucy Boulding in novice X30 class from the back of the grid overhauled them but Pashley took Junior TKM honours over Taylor, Zak Oates and Spencer Stevenson.  Pashley is provisional MSA Junior TKM National vice-champion.

Nathan Tye’s crash at the chicane gave Alfie Baxter-Davies a huge cushion over Bradley Beavers, who had just passed Maximus Hall in IAME Cadet.  The pack eventually caught Baxter-Davies leading to a huge battle for the win.  Baxter-Davies was put back several places but fought hard to regain the lead over Beavers whilst Joe Sheppy bounced over the kerbs in the chicane, falling to an eventual fifth behind Ella Stevens.  Beavers was dropped out of second to twelfth for his part in an incident, promoting Kordal to second over Hall.

Josh Sherriff dominated TKM Extreme putting over six seconds on Alex Kennedy who had a race long exchange with Colin Morris. As in the Junior TKM, the X30 Senior novices were off the back as not eligible for the E Plates and Boris Yeung stormed through to the front, Sherriff waving him past at the end.  But he chose to push Alex Jones off the track on the finish line, thus getting excluded.  Sherriff, right behind, had to take avoiding action. In the concurrent TKM Clubman economy class Chris Dymond settled into an unassailable lead from Samuel Baker, the latter coming to a stop halfway through in the chicane, an incident also putting out Suk Sandher.

Despite a start into third position from pole Dan Kelly had proved his speed in the heats in the KZ UK 125 gearbox class, and wasted little time leapfrogging Tom Longfield and Lucas Vaus for the win.  Malcolm Smith did not start the final after a fire in the last heat caused when another kart hit him and knocked the fuel pipe off.  Luckily the damage was minimal.

Report By Graham Smith

Photography by TSR Productions

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