SHENINGTON KC June race report

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As well as hosting a round of the ABkC National Championship for the 250 Nationals, the club also hosted the third round of the new MSA Bambino series for 6 to 8 year olds with 24 entries in this ever more popular series.

Through the timed qualifying and heat runs the top spots were vied for by Nathan Tye, Chance Bennett and Taylor Orridge with Alfie Briggs often in the mix. The karts are re-grouped
for the final but still continuing with the time trial format with only their fastest lap counting for the results and points. The drivers with the least points then go into the B Final, and that resulted in a win for Oliver Wright. After six laps of the A Final the order was fastest with 63.17s for Orridge from Briggs and Tye. However at post race scrutineering it was found that

Tye had an ineligible piston resulting in exclusion from the meeting and a very unhappy and disappointed child. That elevated Freddie Slater and Bennett.

The initial five kart breakaway group in Honda Cadets soon split with Keaton Samra and Wesley Mason opening a gap for a few laps. Alex Eades closed them down and demoted Mason to fourth. With the help of a tow from Guy Cunnington he and Mason regained the front, demoting Samra and Eades. Then Mason made a winning pass on the last lap taking Eades with him and demoting Cunnington to third. Louie Westover fell away from the leaders but hung onto fifth. In the IAME Cadet Jamie Mead traded the lead with Joe Willougby whilst initial third placed Leonardo Panayiotou slumped to sixth. Mead established himself in front and left no openings for Willoughby with Lorenzo Kordal some 8s in arrears after leapfrogging through the field. The pressure came off Mead for the final half lap after a pass on a back marker. Tommy Foster eked out a lead over Thomas Edmunds in MiniMax, until Rufus Hunt closed down a big gap to relieve Edmunds of second. Jensen Fennymore and Paige Holden battled hard for fourth, never apart. In Junior X30 Anderson Chilcott enjoyed a massive winning gap over Harrison Wedgbury whilst the main battle was for third. Ash Kandola had led the group but fell back and had to come in with a broken bumper. Charlie Webster took Ryan Conde for the podium place. Kieran Wragg was dominant in the concurrent Junior Max race. He was well ahead of the novice Jack Brookes, who inherited the place after a fierce battle with Harry Wilmot. Matthew Biry lost his early second place to both Wilmot and Brookes, then Brookes carried out a block pass at Café rubbing sidepods. Wilmot soon regained the position but was later excluded for driving standards. Roman Haskett had a somewhat fortuitous win when the Junior

TKM leaders crashed in the chicane. Louis Wortley had been the initial leader but soon fell to fourth. Haskett was running in sixth place after catching the leading group,
the lead having been traded between Joe Fowler, Myles Gray, Matthew Round-Garrido and Matthew Taylor. Once in front Taylor defended strongly developing a frustrated queue resulting in Round-Garrido trying an overly optimistic move into the chicane. That resulted in them crashing, with Taylor and Wortley sidelined and Round –Garrido greatly delayed. Haskett cleverly avoided the pile up to take up the lead and resisted Fowler’s challenge on the last lap whilst Round-Garrido was later excluded.

James Hassall made a perfect start from pole position in the 250 National class with the current national champion Lee Stamp beating Ross Allen off the line giving Hassall the chance to put some space over the chasing pack. Allen was quickly past Stamp but with almost identical lap times could not make inroads. Stamp had a quick spin in the chicane trying to hold off Alex Burrows, he lost only the one place with a fast recovery. Jack Griffiths was another with a run away win after dominating the heats, this time in the senior TKM Extreme final. Kye Springfield for second place gapped Harry Moore but could not touch the leader’s pace. In TKM Clubman Goldsmith made a great start to gradually pull
out a 4s lead over Colin Morris. Jack Cobourn had slotted into second at the start but soon usurped by Will Lakin as Cobourn fell back to sixth. But as the race progressed Tom Longfield had moved into second, then Colin Morris claimed that spot right at the end.