Shenington KC

The club’s 160 entries had been swelled by the final rounds of the ABkC National Championship for the 125cc KZ gearbox category and the 210 Challenge and they all enjoyed an unseasonably warm day albeit with a strong wind.

ABkC KZ UK Super 4
Webster fired his kart into the lead from the standing start chased by Easthope. Moore was a little slower and it took time for Glenister to find a way past, but he could not close the gap to Easthope, although he put over a second on Moore. David Baldwin and Ian Thomson were strung out behind, a long way ahead of Kelly who had made a great recovery. Easthope put in a strong effort over the last two laps to close on the leader, but Webster held him off to the chequer. “It’s only this round I have struggled a bit, the rest of the year was very good,” said Glenister, who is the first to put in back to back titles since Sam Moore in 2007 and 2008.

210 National Challenge
Whilst Bury leapt into the lead of the final from pole, Luke Plain soon leapfrogged Graham Payne to catch and pass Bury. But all the while Matt Cardwell had been keeping his powder dry through the heats and had suffered from an earlier DNF. He was storming through to the front chased by Tom Whyte, just as Bury was fading to fifth. They both crept past Luke Plain who had easily done enough for the title with a safe third place, whilst Chris Callaghan went off in the chicane.

Club Championships
Klaas Kooiker managed to hold off Casper Stevenson and Jonathan Robertson in the Honda Cadet category. They were content to follow until the last lap when the pressure was piled on by Stevenson, Robertson having dropped far enough away not to be a danger. In Comer Cadet Charlie Webster kept ahead whilst Jonathan Lawrence and Jack Williams traded second. They had caught and passed several of the Honda back markers, Webster making the way, then the others catching up again. Clayton Ravenscroft reeled in and passed Joseph Taylor in the large grid of IAME Cadet entries.

The weather had now turned much cooler than in the morning. Alexander Walker was hung out to dry from third place, he had just retrieved the place when the race was prematurely stopped to attend to a crash – driver ok – and the results put back a lap. That gave Caden McQueen the final podium place. Matthew Graham battled hard for his third position in the Junior TKM final but it was Joseph Reeves-Smith who had slotted into second at the start. The new national champion Arran Mills had powered away in first place, and extended his lead when Shea Pearce sliced under Reeves-Smith, opening a gap.

Graham stormed into second place and started to hunt down Mills, with Pearce in tow. Reeves-Smith would have to settle for a slightly distant fourth. Graham tried for the winning move at the last corner but Pearce took advantage to demote Graham to third. Jonathan Hoggard enjoyed a healthy lead in a rather strung out Junior Max final, running ahead of the MiniMax, Sam Stansbury and Quintin Hayward joining him on the podium. The concurrent MiniMax race was more exciting, initial leader Alex McDade having now transferred from Cadets, demoted to third by Kieran Wragg and Philip Ndegwa. Then McDade hooked up on Ndegwa’s kart on the exit from the chicane and spun down to fifth. Jack Monkhouse had no challengers in TKM Extreme, James Ogden some 3s distant followed by Harry Moore.

Joshua Makepeace and Gary Fowler diced for fourth, finishing in that order. In the economyTKM Clubman category Max Goldsmith romped clear of Tom Longfield in a league of his own. Eddie Mawle initially ran third but had lost his chainguard on the formation lap so was flagged in. That left Tom Longfield to vault over Colin Morris for second. The Banbury pair of Kyle Morby and Andre Marot traded fifth place, Morby prevailing and the pair shaking hands after the chequered flag. Despite having only eight entries the senior Rotax Max had much swapping of the top positions, with James Moorcroft and James Barwell both having turns in the lead. But Michael Pugh stormed through for the win over Moorcroft. Finally the 100mph 250 National karts saw Alex Burrows win over Aaron Powell and Chris Morris.