SHENINGTON Round 2, 15 February 2015

Amongst the 160 entries for the Sunday afternoon finals the Honda Cadets were out first on what had been a dry track all day with Caden McQueen’s lead short lived in favour of Klaas Kooiker and then Oliver Bearman as the youngsters chopped and changed about. McQueen regained the lead, only to be put back to third but he worked his way back to the front for the win. Bearman snatched second at the last corner over Kooiker, Zak Oates and Jonathan Robertson.

In the IAME Cadet category Thomas Smith was being chased by Owen Johnson and Christopher Draper until Draper jumped into first. That was brief, as Smith came back to the front and survived an interchange with Johnson. When Draper leapfrogged into second, that gied Smith a break for his run to the chequer. Rory Hudson lost the MiniMax lead almost immediately to Tom Wood and fell to fourth. But he leapfrogged back through to the front with the similarly deposed Wood following to relieve Tommy Foster of his recently acquired lead. Rufus Hunt made a late charge for second, deposing Wood to third with Foster falling to fih. Harrison Thomas had the legs on everyone else in Junior Max, aided by passing the Junior X30’s who had set off first and were caught. They were won by Lewis Taylor from Ryan Conde whilst Thomas Pegram was forced to retire. Back in the Junior Max, Kieran Wragg lost two places from second with Rory Smith breaking clear of the runner up spot fight leaving Max Bird in third.

As always the Junior TKM did not disappoint for excitement as Mahew Graham momentarily forged ahead of Mahew Round-Garrido mid race. But Mahew Taylor took them both only to be shuffled back in turn as Round-Garrido went for the win with Taylor second and the local drivers Graham having to sele for third over Roman Haske. Sco Allen capitalised when a backmarker slowed KZ UK class leader out of the chicane sufficiently for him to slice past into the lead on the penultimate lap and hang on for the win. Sam Webster had set off heading the pack with Allen on gis tail but the latter soon usurped by Henry Easthope. Meanwhile Webster was eking out a small cushion whilst Allen retrieved second but he was struggling to close on Webster until the backmarker came into play. An unhappy Easthope salvaged second on the last lap.

In the concurrent 250 National race older sibling Ross Allen failed to finish both his heats but a brilliant start saw him slot into third, soon passing Max Buckley and Aaron Powell. Buckley retired almost immediately whilst Allen powered to a 14s victory over Powell. A small sized grid didn’t prevent several lead changes in the Rotax Senior Max final with James Johnson dropped back from first to third in the early stages. Luke Kno sliced past Rayaan Williams for the lead and held on until the flag whilst Johnson pipped Williams for second. Jack Ransom came storming through from fourth to first in the TKM Extreme final, trading places with Jack Griffiths. Meanwhile Kineton driver Tom Owen retired to the pits from third place. A good move at the end earned Griffiths the win over Ransom with Jordan Montgomery third.

In the economy TKM Clubman category Tom Longfield was soon in front of local drivers Max Goldsmith and Kyle Morby in second and third. Goldsmith retrieved the lead for the win, whilst Morby retrieved third from Michael Green.


1 Caden McQueen Zip 2 Oliver Bearman Zip 3 Klaas Kooiker Zip

1 Sco Allen Gold/IAME
2 Sam Webster ART/TM
3 Henry Easthope Sodi/TM

1 Thomas Smith Synergy 2 Christopher Draper Zip 3 Owen Johnson Zip

1 Rory Hudson Tony Kart 2 Rufus Hunt TonyKart
3 Tom Wood TonyKart

1 Luke Kno Tonykart
2 James Johnson Kosmic
3 Rayaan Williams Formula K

1 Ross Allen Jade/Honda
2 Aaron Powell Jade/Honda 3 Mahew Sco Jade/Honda

1 Matthew Round-Garrido Tonykart 2 Mahew Taylor Tonykart
3 Matthew Graham Jade

1 Max Goldsmith Tonykart 2 Tom Longfield Jade
3 Kyle Morby ARC

1 Harrison Thomas TonyKart 2 Rory Smith Tony Kart
3 Max Bird

1 Jack Griffiths Jade
2 Jack Ransom Alonso
3 Jordan Montgomery Alonso