Shenington – Round 8

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Club Championship Round 8 – 17th August 2014

A massive 230 entries, boosted by Super One drivers but many drivers black flagged as driving standards left a lot to be desired

The meeting was augmented by many guest drivers testing for the Super One National Championships, topping 230 entries, but some of their driving standards were abysmal and many were shown the black flag to come into the pits. So congratulations to those who stayed out of trouble and came up the front in the finals. Some of those who ignored the black flag were excluded from the meeting as per MSA regulations. Abuse was levied at officials and marshals, toilets were being blocked and had to be closed for a time so somehow the attitude of certain drivers and helpers has to be changed. This is a sport run by volunteers who have the choice not to come out in all weathers at the weekend for their benefit. The track was damp for the first couple of heats then the sun came out.

In the Junior TKM final James Ireland managed to find a gap to pass Bradley White after tailing him for the whole race. It was probably in lapping an ailing Junior X30 that gave Ireland the chance to pass. From an initial third Lewis Ryder lost ground in favour of Sam Fowler and Sam Munro to fall to fifth. In the concurrent Junior X30 race the big gap to Alfie Brown was closed to within a tenth of a second at the flag by Philip Hanson, he had leapfrogged Joshua Pickford in the early stages.

In a thrilling TKM Clubman final Max Goldsmith along with Josh Waring and Tom Longfield broke away from the pack to fight hard for the win. Each had a turn in the lead with some great overtaking manoeuvres but at the chequer flag Waring had the upper hand with Longfield just pipping Goldsmith on the last corner. Colin Morris was closing on the lead trio by the chequer, whilst Mark Waring was a lonely fifth. Back in sixth Andre Marot had made it past Kyle Morby in yet another great battle.

The economy class raced with the open TKM Extremes which also had a three way dice for the win, taken by Jack Monkhouse over Jack Griffiths who just pipped Ashley Jones. There was a special race for the guest Max 177 heavyweight drivers, won by a runaway Dominic Russell with Matt Barnes and Alex Rowley strung out behind. Paul Cook collided with Ben Slater in the chicane to earn himself an exclusion. Joe Jessup managed to hold off Oliver Smith for fourth.

In the IAME Cadet Callum Bradshaw led them away but Caden McQueen leapfrogged to the front in a race long trade with Leonardo Panayiotol on their bumpers. McQueen managed to regain the front for the flag with Bradshaw shuffled back to fourth behind a storming driver from Piers Henderson to grab second, with Panayiotol third. Racing together with them in the Comer Cadets, Toby MacDonald was easily the best despite Jonathan Lawrence’s efforts to catch him. By the end Charlie Webster had caught Lawrence. Although starting off the back, the Comers had caught up and were mixing it with the IAME drivers.

A massively full grid of Honda Cadets had Myles Apps vaulting past Ben Kasperczak for the lead. Robert Boucher had already stopped whilst Keaton Samra and Zak Rogers had a collision in the chicane, Samra dropping out. Then Harrison Blake and Ben Fayers had spins at Stratford hairpin, and there were black flags and exclusions for Alex Lloyd, Thomas Pegram. Harry Thompson and Mark Kimber were storming up to leapfrog into the leading positions. They rubbed sidepods through the chicane on the last lap but Kimber managed to just stay ahead round the last corner with some judicious use of the kerbs over Thompson, Apps, Kasperczak and Nicholas Reeve. Dragan Pinsent was excluded from the top six for an exhaust irregularity.

The senior race for Rotax Max was another filled with top line drivers, and although Charlie Turner led the majority of the final, Jack Bartholomew found a gap at the Stratford Hairpin just before the end, despite Turner’s strong attempts at defence. That move let Adam Glear slip through for second. Several drives including Josh Price and Joseph Reilly decided not to race the final, Reilly was one of the many having a heat exclusion. Philip Rawson was an early casualty in the race, with Matthew Hirst black flagged for overtaking on a yellow flag.

In their Junior equivalents David Wooder led them away and although pushed back to third he regained the lead once more. However Harrison Thomas caught and passed him, the pair trading the lead twice with identical moves on consecutive laps before Thomas managed to hold on for the chequer with the unfortunate Wooder shuffled back behind Tom Gamble and Josh Skelton.

The last race of the day was for the younger MiniMax drivers where another great battle ensued between early leader Alex Quinn, Samuel Pooley and Thomas Turner. William Pettitt had elbowed his way through to be briefly second at Café Corner, but heads fall to fourth, and then seventh.

Amongst those choosing not to start were Luke Wooder, who had endured several issues during the heats, Dean MacDonald and Jonathan Hoggard. Jordan Collard was hung out to dry in the chicane to fall from second to fifth at the end as Turner forged into the win over Pooley and Quinn. Jordan Cane was a steady fourth.

There were two more exclusions for Charlie Lamb and Philip Ndegwa.